How to Clean White Baseball Pants [Quick-Fix Guide]

Nothing beats walking out onto the field at the start of the season with a fresh baseball uniform. A crisp, white uniform looks great and can really make you feel like a pro, but keeping it fresh and clean can be a huge task.

Over the course of a season, you’re likely to play hundreds of hours of baseball and whether you’re out in the field training, playing games or entering tournaments, it’s likely that your baseball whites are going to take a beating! 

Grass and dirt stains get everywhere and as any dedicated outfielder will confirm, after a good session your baseball pants will be filthy. Washing them and getting them back to their best can be a tough job as you’re often left with slight discoloration and long-term stubborn stains that refuse to rub out. 

So what’s the best way to clean your white baseball pants and keep them brilliant and fresh for the whole season and beyond? Here are our top tips followed by a few helpful products that will provide you with a few cleaning hacks as well as a final step-by-step guide:

Short On Time? Here’s a Quick Summary On How To Clean White Baseball Pants…

  1. Remove stains quickly – try to wash your whites as quickly as possible. Leaving them overnight or longer can cause stains to really dig in and it makes them that extra bit harder to wash out.
  2. Avoid using strong bleach – while bleach is great for cleaning some things, it’s not the best solution for cleaning clothes. Bleaching your whites will actually cause them, in some cases, to turn yellow. On top of this, continual bleaching of clothes actually damages the fibers in the material and holes can appear.
  3. Avoid scrubbing hard – for more stubborn stains, try not to scrub too hard as this can damage the fabric.

How to clean white baseball pants

Now let’s take a look at the most effective way to clean your white baseball pants. Follow this step-by-step guide and experience the best results.

  1. Rinse your pants
    Using warm water, soak and rinse your pants to get any loose pieces of dirt off them and make them damp in preparation for applying your chosen stain remover.
  2. Apply your stain remover
    Using a soft, non-abrasive sponge, or a toothbrush, apply your chosen stain remover to the affected area. Remember, using a harder brush or a tougher sponge will damage the microfibers within the fabric of your baseball pants and this will reduce their lifespan.
  3. Rinse
    Rinse your pants in warm water to remove any excess soap and dirt.
  4. Wash
    Machine wash your pants without any other colors in the load based on your usual cycle speed and temperature.
  5. Hang
    Finally, hang your pants to dry out naturally in the air and once dry, iron your pants to look crisp and clean again before your next game.

Products to help remove stains from white baseball pants

It can become really frustrating trying to remove stains, especially when you’re doing it week after week, training session after training session, game after game. Soaking and scrubbing with hot water and suds all the time can really sap your energy and it seems that some stains completely refuse to budge. 

Luckily, there are a few products dedicated to restoring your baseball whites back to their full glory and have been proven to remove clay and grass stains effectively so you can save your energy for more important things.

Fels Naptha

This super powerful soap bar has been trusted by thousands of American households for decades. It’s great for grass, red clay and perspiration stains. Applying the soap to your stain and letting it sit for a few minutes before washing usually does the trick.

Murphy’s Oil Soap

Usually, you’d associate this soap with wooden floors and household furniture, but believe it or not, a quarter cup of Murphy’s Oil Soap mixed with warm water can provide a superb, stain-busting pre-wash soaking mix for your baseball whites.

Dawn Powerwash

This is a great cleaning hack for your white baseball pants. It comes out as a white spray foam that’s easily applied to your stain and gently rubbed in straight after your game. Let it soak for 15-20 minutes before washing your whites as normal.

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