Baseball Pitching Targets & Strike Zones

Baseball Pitching Targets

- With Strike Zones -

Without the additional help of players or a certain few pieces of equipment – developing the pitching mechanics and accuracy needed to excel in baseball can become impossible let alone workable. 

With accuracy such an important part of a pitchers development – it would make sense that you’d need at least a target to aim at. 

And while you can (and we certainly encourage you too) use your environment as much as possible in your training, sometimes replicting and mimicking real game situations using just a wall or fence just won’t cut it. 

You’ll need something a bit more realistic and progressive to use. That’s when a set of pitching targets come in handy. 

Below, we’ve currated the best baseball pitching targets on the market. As you’ll see each one offers a slightly different dimension to your training. So, with that said, take your pick and get ready to upgrade your pitching game…

Baseball Pitching Target #1

GoSports Baseball Pitching Kit 

Strike zone and dummy batter

For optimizing pitching ability and accuracy, GoSports have developed an awesome pitching kit for all ages and abilities.

The strike zone has been split up into six separate spaces allowing pitchers to really fine tune their throws and mark the progress of their aim.

The inclusion of the dummy batter allows the pitcher to simulate a real life, in-game situation and visualize the aspects of facing a human batter during a live match.

This gives the pitcher a strong incentive to improve the accuracy of their throws.

Manufactured with high-end, robust nylon webbing, the GoSports pitching kit is specially designed to withstand powerful impacts and last a long time without tearing or ripping.

The kit can be stored compactly and easily transported to and from the kit room to the training field with minimal effort.

For individual practices, this is a great tool to use as you don’t need a catcher, simply a net or a fence to pitch against. Overall, this is an excellent training aid which requires little effort to assemble, it can be used practically anywhere, indoors or outside and it will match the training regime of any ability from beginner to professional.

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  • Great value for money 
  • Complete with strike zone for improved accuracy 
  • Improves safety
  • Durable 
  • Easy to set up

[su_service title=”Cons” icon=”icon: thumbs-down” icon_color=”#FF0000″ size=”32″ class=””]

  • Unfortunately the net isn’t included in the kit
Baseball Pitching Target #2

VANTA Sports Baseball Pitching Target Trainer 

Unique target trainer with a simulated catcher image

The Vanta Sports Backstop Net Saver is a brilliant product which can be hung and used in any number of places to help improve pitching ability.

It’s a well made product that’s been manufactured with a thick, durable vinyl that will stand up against sustained, powerful pitches.

What makes this backstop great is that is super adaptable – hanging it in a batting cage will not only help improve pitching ability but prolong the lifespan of your nets by reducing the force of impact they receive during practice sessions.

If you’re planning on using this backstop at home, it can be hung in the garage, against a fence or attached easily to a tree thanks to the sturdy brass grommets at the top and bottom of the vinyl.

As a training aid, this backstop works really well thanks to its stylishly animated catcher and bright yellow strike zone target area.

On the whole, this is a great tool for team and individual training sessions and it will hold its own against weather and prolonged use.

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  • Great target trainer that helps prolong the life of your nets
  • Can be easily attached to any net, fence, tree or garage and home. 
  • Durable and well made
  • Great additional piece of equipment for pitching drills 

[su_service title=”Cons” icon=”icon: thumbs-down” icon_color=”#FF0000″ size=”32″ class=””]

  • Again the net isn’t included
Baseball Pitching Target #3

Rukket 5×5 Pitching Net w/ Targets

Great value for money with net and targets included

In the Strike Zone Target, Rukket have developed a superb, affordable, high quality training aid suitable for novices and professionals alike.

All aspects of the product have been carefully designed and chosen in order to get the most out of its use.

The netting is double thickness giving it not only durability but also extra rigidity to resist powerful throws.

Similarly, the frame has been fiberglass poles to ensure a long lifespan, flexibility and also this drastically reduces the chance of the target moving around during a practice.

The Rukket Strike Zone Target measures 25 square feet, making it a great choice for improving the quality of pitching and batting aim alike.

There’s a smart pitching target included with nine separate partitions to improve pitching ability, confidence and control over the strike zone when it comes to facing a live opponent.

The Strike Zone Target works well outdoors and is equally good inside making it a great choice for year-round training and it pack away neatly allowing for easy transport to and from training venues.

By and large, this is a high quality training aid that’s affordable and wouldn’t look out of place on a professional playing field.

[su_service title=”Pros” icon=”icon: thumbs-up” icon_color=”#008000″ size=”32″ class=””]

  • Fantastic value for money
  • Net and targets included
  • 2 packages availble with additional weighted balls
  • Very popular 
  • Can double up for pitching and hitting 
  • Looks great
  • Easy to assemble

[su_service title=”Cons” icon=”icon: thumbs-down” icon_color=”#FF0000″ size=”32″ class=””]

  • Remember this is 5×5 net – for older players you may need a larger net
Baseball Pitching Target #4

Baseball Pitching Dummy Mannequin

If you just need the training mannequin on it’s own…

The Xtraman Training Mannequin has been specially designed using insights from professional baseball coaches to optimize its potential to improve pitching.

It is a versatile tool thanks to the fact that it’s reversible, allowing right and and left handed pitchers to benefit from its use.

The Xtraman is a life-sized training aid making it a perfect tool for simulating real-life pitching situations. With the Xtraman in place, pitchers can confidently develop their fastball aim without risking injury to a batter with off-target throws.

Set up is fast and easy and the mannequin can be used within minutes of being brought out of the bag making it an excellent choice for the garden, garage, gym or training field.

The GoSports Xtraman can be used in a variety of pitching training drills.

It can be used individually by a pitcher to improve their accuracy and reduce the likelihood of wayward throws and it can also be used with a catcher too.

Overall, this is a highly recommended and valuable tool to improve pitching ability.

[su_service title=”Pros” icon=”icon: thumbs-up” icon_color=”#008000″ size=”32″ class=””]

  • Comes with portable bag for easy transporting
  • Adjustable heights
  • Super quick set up in 90 seconds
  • Can be used for point based scoring – head, torso and waist down
  • Great visual tool to help develop pitching accuracy

[su_service title=”Cons” icon=”icon: thumbs-down” icon_color=”#FF0000″ size=”32″ class=””]

  • You might need some weights to hold it down in place if the weather gets a bit too windy 
Baseball Pitching Target #5

Powernet Pitching Targets

3 different sized targets sets to help upgrade pitching accuracy

The PowerNet Pitching Targets come in a variety of sizes allowing the user to create a number of unique training drills with an adaptable scale of difficulty.

They have been carefully designed with real attention to detail to give them some excellent individual features.

At the pads’ core lies a high-density foam which will hold up against fast-paced throws.

It’s been covered with a quality vinyl outer layer for added protection and stylish look.

Thanks to this design, when the pitcher hits the pad with a well-targeted throw and makes a good connection, the pad makes a snapping noise, very similar to that of a catcher’s mitt, giving the user an audible, positive reinforcement for quality performance.

The set of pads comes complete with a carry bag, so they’re easily transported and there’s also a handy manual full of training tips, drills and multi-player style games, making the targets a great option for individuals and teams alike.

The targets are easily hung and can be used in a number of environments and they’re endorsed by a collective of professional pitchers, making them a great option for all levels, especially pitchers who are serious about stepping up their game.

Overall, the PowerNet Pitch Perfect Targets are a great tool for spicing up training sessions and will really help improve pitching technique. They’re a must have for coaches of all levels.

[su_service title=”Pros” icon=”icon: thumbs-up” icon_color=”#008000″ size=”32″ class=””]

  • 3 different sized target sets for great progressive training drills
  • 12 targets in totoal
  • Comes with a neat little carry case
  • Instant audible feedback when the target get hit
  • Easily attached to nets
  • Great addition to any net and target training

[su_service title=”Cons” icon=”icon: thumbs-down” icon_color=”#FF0000″ size=”32″ class=””]

  • As with above no net included