Top 5 Best Baseball Sliding Shorts 2019 Reviewed

Find the Best Baseball Sliding Shorts With Our Ultimate Buying Guide!

best baseball sliding shorts

Before your season starts, you should make sure you have everything you need. Having a reliable pair of sliding shorts should be a bare necessity.

Sliding into second base, stealing third or making a diving play on defense can sometimes cause injury. However, if you’re well protected you can prevent these bumps, bruises and soon-to-be brush burns.

We all know brush burns and showers don’t go over very well.

It happens to the best of us. Unfortunately, these minor ailments can affect your performance on the diamond because of the feeling of discomfort.

Good thing you’re here because we’ll show you the best baseball equipment that protects you so you can feel confident sliding into any base.

Important things to look for when deciding what’s best:

Look for shorts with baseball specific fabric technologies that help keep your body protected. Look for specialized fabrics that help pull heat away from the body. This helps keep you cool and comfortable.

Shorts made with moisture-wicking fabrics take in sweat from the body for a dry, clean feeling. The best baseball sliding shorts will be equipped with antimicrobial fabrications. This type of fabric prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes.

You’ll also want to choose compression shorts for a snug, secure fit that also allows for unrestricted mobility out on the ball diamond.

For youth baseball players, look for sliding shorts made with mesh fabrics.


Because it will encourage airflow for optimal ventilation. You want your little MVP in the family feeling nice and comfortable so they can have fun.

It is also ideal to look out for flatlock stitching to eliminate bothersome rubbing. Shorts designed with protective padding in important areas of the body help prevent injury when sliding, or diving to make a play.

Lastly, compressions with an elastic waistband offer a super secure fit for the ultimate comfort while playing.

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RankBrand & ModelSliding Shorts with CupImage LinkPrice
1Shock Doctor Shockskin Relaxed Fit Impact ShortYes$$
2Easton Extra Protective Sliding ShortNo$
3Marucci Adult Elite Padded Slider ShortsYes$
4All-Star S7 Men's Baseball Protective Catcher's ShortYes$
5Mizuno Elite Padded Sliding ShortsYes$

Let’s cover some frequently asked questions before we get into the full review.

What exactly are baseball sliding shorts?

Sliding shorts provide added protection between you and your pants. This is extremely important when sliding on dirt.

Are sliders and compression shorts the same thing?

The material is very similar, however they do not serve the same purpose. Sliding shorts have padding on the sides, while compression shorts have no padding anywhere.

Looking for Knee Pads with Sliding Shorts?

A hot commodity right now, especially with middle infielders since they are on their knees a lot during a baseball game.

Here’s a review left by a short stop on mizuno’s website:

review from a short stop

These can also be considered compression padded tights. Yes, they exist and we highly recommend investing in a pair.

We’ll keep this separate from our Top 5 list because they are a little different than sliding shorts. Take a look at the hottest selling men’s and youth baseball sliding shorts with knee pads.

Nike Men’s Pro Hyperstrong Baseball Slider Tights

nike baseball compression
niker slider shorts with knee pads
slider tights

Review Section: Top 5 Slider Shorts

Mind Fuse Baseball has gathered this list from players who actually wear them.

We also researched what current players (men’s and youth) are saying. Lastly, we averaged out the reviews on trusted shopping sites online.

#1: Shock Doctor Shockskin Relaxed Fit Impact Short

shockdoctor padded compressions

The Shock Doctor Power Compression is made with some high quality fabric, which can justify the price and help you feel comfortable out on the field. These are great for all positions, especially infielders and catchers.

What makes them so comfy is the snug four-way stretch material. The flatlock seams give you a snug fit. It can also wick the moisture away from the skin.

What about slide protection?

There’s a double layer compression built in over the thighs for extra padding.

The Shock Doctor Power Compression Sliding shorts come with a built in cup. It has a vented bio-shape body, which helps with comfort and keeps you cool.

#2: Easton Extra Protective Sliding Short

easton padded sliders

Built with amazing protection in mind, the Easton Extra Protective Sliding Short is a top choice for all baseball players.

The Bio-Dri fabric wicks away the moisture and keeps you dry even on the hottest of day’s on the ball diamond.

What about the Padding?

The material includes a 5mm of neoprene around the sliding areas of the thighs. If you are looking for the extra layer, this pair is your choice.

The price is reasonable and not as expensive as the Shock Doctor.

The only down side is these aren’t baseball sliding shorts with a cup built in. They don’t hold cups all that well, so keep that in mind when you’re shopping.

#3: Marucci Adult Elite Padded Slider Shorts

extra padded sliders

The spandex fabric makes the Marucci Elite padded slider shorts great for mobility purposes. In other words, you will be able to move around with ease.

The padding is made with a sponge like material. This provides confidence for players who love to slide.

The moisture from sweat is soaked in nice because of the anti-microbial technology.

There is an integrated cup pocket for those who are interested in that.

#4: All-Star S7 Men’s Baseball Protective Catcher’s Short

catchers protective shorts

This one’s for the player who’s always on his knees in the trenches. There are such things as catchers sliding shorts, and the All-Star S7 is the one you should look into.


Simply because of the comfort mixed with protection. It’s hard to find such a good combination of the two. Usually you’re sacrificing one for the other.

It comes equipped with the HIT KNIT technology. The S7 provides foul ball protection from the top of the quad through the inner thigh.

How about the Padding?

The padding is a mere 3MM thick, and the double wall side panel is great for sliding protection.

#5: Mizuno Elite Padded Sliding Shorts

shorts with cup

One of the top brands in all of baseball, the Mizuno Elite Padded Sliding Shorts is a popular choice amongst many MLB players.

You will get ELITE padding if you decide to go with this product.

The material is a soft touch lightweight fabric. It has DryLite technology, which helps transport excess moisture away from the body.

The side panels are protected by foam padded material, giving you an extra sheet of protection when sliding. The cup is not included. However, it does have an integrated cup pocket.


This guide was made to help you get on the right track when shopping around. You should go with something that you’ll feel comfortable with and will protect you.

We know you’ll find the best baseball sliding shorts.

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