Our passion about helping young baseball players improve their performance is unmatched. Our primary mission is to attract like-minded baseball players and show them how to reach their goals and aspirations on and off the field.

We want to build an environment where anyone can dream. Mind Fuse Baseball focuses on helping baseball players and athletes use their higher mental faculties to achieve the results that they want.

Meet Al – Founder of Mind Fuse Baseball

I’m Al. I played a lot of baseball growing up and I miss the game. When I went to college, I played football at a Division III school. I started as a true freshman quarterback and had a great career.

My love of baseball never died. While I was playing Quarterback, I needed to learn proper throwing mechanics and how to develop a strong arm. Tom Brady still learns how to generate more power in his throws by working with the all-time great, Tom House.

I coach football now and have been doing it for close to 15 years. I am the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. I am always studying how to improve arm strength.

The only difference in throwing a football versus throwing a baseball is the shape of the ball. How you generate torque and power never changes. The key is to efficiently use every part of your body necessary to throw the ball accurately and with velocity.

My brother played professionally during my coaching years so I had the opportunity to still be around the game and pick his brain about anything baseball. Mostly the game of hitting and how he approached the plate. I can’t wait to share some of that knowledge with you!

Our Inspiration

All of this inspired me to create this site. I know there are so many athletes that throwing is part of their sport, need and want to learn how to improve arm strength. It doesn’t matter if you play softball, baseball, football or anything else.

The programs that I will share with you work and you can improve. We’re all seeking awareness. We’re trying to get on a higher frequency to learn more about what we do.

You will love our Mind Fuse Athletes Program because it teaches you how to set your goals and get results. We focus on getting results that stick.