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Pitchback Rebounder Review

Keeping your training sessions relevant can be tricky.

Occasionally it gets difficult to chop and change your drills and getting set in your ways becomes all too easy. When this happens, it can stall your development, making it incredibly important to mix up your training every so often.

Rebounders are perfect for just this – they’re brilliant training aids and they just seem to get better and better every season with plenty to choose from.

We’ve been reviewing a number of pitchback rebounders to try and find the best ones out there on the market and the Hit Run Steal made it into our Top 5 best rebounder, and overall, we rated it as the ‘best alternative rebounder’.

This is thanks to it’s excellent price, versatility and durability. It’s been thoughtfully designed and manufactured with quality materials to give the user a top of the range training aid.

Whether you’re looking to improve your catching, fielding, pitching or tee work, the Hit Run Steal Pitchback is a great product to aid your development.

It’s got some pretty nifty features that make it a superb buying option for coaches and individuals alike.

Here’s what really stood out for us…

Safety and Security

Whether you’re buying a rebounder for yourself, a child or a softball team, safety and security concerns should always be prioritized.

We always like to consider the features of a product that make it secure and easy to use and we understand that for parents and coaches, peace of mind is paramount when purchasing a good rebounder.

The designers at Hit Run Steal have really taken this to mind when coming up with their rebounder.

Every detail has been specifically chosen to ensure an overall safe and sound experience for whoever is using it. Let’s rundown the excellent safety features.

Adjustable Frame

Firstly, there’s the easily adjustable metal frame which includes easy grip screws.

This means that you won’t have to worry about catching your fingers and thumbs or pinching your skin in any moving parts.

The Hit Run Steal is so seamlessly adjusted that your kids and little leaguers can do it themselves without you having to worry.

Easy Set up

Then there’s the double-elastic hooks attaching the heavy-duty net to the frame.

These have been specifically chosen to reduce, if not eliminate, the risk of the net coming loose and injuring somebody.

The rebounder is also quick and easy to set up thanks to the spring button clips which securely attach the separate parts of the frame together without risk of slipping or collapse.


As the Hit Run Steal is super easy to assemble, it’s also incredibly hassle free to collapse and put away. Should you need to dismantle the rebounder, it’s a care-free exercise and takes a just a few minutes.

Even if you don’t have time to fully take the rebounder down, the adjustable leg folds completely flat allowing it to be stored away in a thing space, flat on the floor or up against a wall. It will just as easily fit into a large trunk of a vehicle allowing you to use it on the move.

Hit Run Steal vs Rukket Vs Franklin

The Hit Run Steal is a great product. Perhaps it’s not as durable or large as the competition, but in terms of safety and security it trumps the other rebounders out there.

For peace of mind while your youngsters are playing and training, look no further.

On the whole, the materials may not be as heavy duty as other rebounders out there (such as the Rukket), but it comes in slightly cheaper and is a perfect buy for your kids, especially if you want to move it around to their matches and training sessions.

Hit Run Steal Pitchback for Baseball or...
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Hit Run Steal Pitchback for Baseball or...
A solid net. While not top of the pack, it is a great alternative rebounder net


Overall, this is a top quality piece of training apparatus suitable for younger baseball and softball players.

It will allow you to train a wide range of aspects of your game in a safe and secure environment in a variety of places.

Last but not least, let’s have a final rundown the awesome features of the Hit Run Steal Rebounder…

  • Safe and secure
  • Portable
  • Easy assembly
  • Simple storage
  • Great for youngsters
  • Adjustable
  • Affordable
  • Includes target zone.