Best Baseball Throwing Sleeves

7 Baseball Throwing Sleeves 2023: Preventing Injury 101

As baseball players, coaches and parents, it’s vitally important we not only train and play with the correct techniques in mind but also become active in looking to prevent an injury occurring in the first place.

You know, prevention is much better than a cure – as they say. One way we can reduce injuries to pitchers, is to invest in an arm sleeve. A great fitting, comfortable arm sleeve can:

  • Protect against UV rays when playing in hot weather
  • Help prevent scratches and grazes
  • Protect arm muscles, joints and ligaments
  • Increase blood flow to an injured area in recovery
  • Keep muscles warm and always ready for action – further reducing the likelihood of an injury occurring

Just Wanna Start Throwing? Quick Summary For The Best Throwing Sleeves:

  1. CompressionZ Arm Sleeves: The best sleeves on the market rated excellent by thousands of customers
  2. Nike Unisex Pro Elite: Incredibly comfortable throwing sleeve for both men and women
  3. B-Driven Compression Arm Sleeve: Over 40 designs & colors with huge range of sizes to choose from
  4. Bucwild Compression Arm Sleeves: Great quality sleeves with good range of colors and sizes available
  5. KUHNMARVIN Unisex Arm Sleeves: Budget-friendly sleeves to protect arm with UPF 50 protection

    + 2 more other great baseball throwing sleeves

You see, while an arm sleeve can certainly look good, improve confidence and feel amazing too – there’s no denying that a properly fitted sleeve can do wonders for the body.

In this quick review guide, I want to do a round up of some of the best arm sleeves on the market based on our own experience and those of our kids playing the game week-in and week-out.

So, with all that said, here are the best baseball arm sleeves that not only protect your arms but can increase the longevity that you, or your little ones spend playing the beautiful game…

#1: CompressionZ Youth Compression Arm Sleeve: #1 Throwing Sleeve For Comfort & Durability 

CompressionZ Youth Compression Arm Sleeves...
1,292 Reviews
CompressionZ Youth Compression Arm Sleeves...
Looks good, fits neat, doesn’t slip down and complete with unisex sizes and colors.

  • Fits well
  • 3 available colors
  • Feels great doesn’t slip down
  • UV resistant 
  • Extremely Popular Throwing Sleeve

CompressionZ have specifically designed their compression arm sleeves to support children and youth players in their development allowing them to perform at a high intensity without the risk of doing long-term damage to their forearms, elbows and bicep muscles.

They are manufactured with flexible Nylon spandex which is flexible and will fit boys and girls alike comfortably.

There’s also a strong elastic bicep band which prevents the sleeve from slipping down the arm during training sessions and matches.

The fabric is durable and will last a long time and is easily washed and dried.

The sleeves are also a great protection against exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays during the summer season.

This compression sleeve not only prevents injury, but also works as an aid to players with existing injuries thanks to its excellent support.

Check Out The CompressionZ Sleeve Here

#2: Nike Pro Elite Baseball Sleeve: Good, Quality Fit With Nike’s Trademark Dri-Fit Tech Built-in

Nike Adult Pro Flood Sleeve
149 Reviews
Nike Adult Pro Flood Sleeve
Comfortable throwing sleeve with limited sweat agitation.
  • High quality
  • Excellent compression
  • Available in small & medium sizes
  • Dri-fit technology to dispel sweat away from body 
  • Great For College Players & Above

A well made, comfortable arm sleeve. 

The Nike Pro Baseball Flood Sleeve provides excellent support and comfort to aid players in all aspects of their game.

Built with the quality materials that go into Nike’s trademark Dri-fit technology, the sleeve comes in a variety of sizes and fits perfectly across the entire length of the arm giving protection to all of the arm’s key areas and large muscle groups.

When being worn, the sleeve feels light and doesn’t compromise comfort or hinder the user’s mobility.

On the whole, this is a great product that will benefit most, if not all baseball players across all levels and abilities.

Check Out The Nike Pro Elite Sleeve Here

#3: B-Driven Athletic Compression Arm Sleeves: Looking For More? Get 3 Arm Sleeves

Green Sports Arm Sleeves For Women Men Youth...
1,121 Reviews
Green Sports Arm Sleeves For Women Men Youth...
If you’re looking for a bit more value for money - here’s another with 3 sleeves included.
  • 8 designs to choose from 
  • Non-slip
  • Super comfortable 
  • Pro-fit ar sleeves
  • Endorsed From Kolton Wong

B-Driven Sports Pro-Fit Sleeve is worn by a variety of professional athletes, from baseball players to golfers – not to mention the Gold Glove Winner Kolton Wong. 

With sizes for adults, seniors and youth players – you’ll have options for everyone in the family. 

With benefits for increased circulation, muscle and joint support, and pain and tendonitis relief – it’s no wonder it’s the go-to throwing sleeve for youth and professional players alike.  

And if you’re looking for something to use on the casual – it’s got you covered that also.

It also keeps you skin sweat-free, keeping you cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather – which of course increases comfort 10-fold. 

It optimizes blood flow and reduces lactic acid, inflammation, and swelling, which helps prevent injuries and aid in recovery. The sleeve also protects against sun, turf burns, scraps, and bruises during competitive activity and helps protect from exterior elements during outdoor activities.

Check Out The B-Driven Athletic Sleeve Here

#4: Bucwild Sports Compression Arm Sleeves: Great Quality Arm Sleeves With Thousands of Excellent Reviews

Bucwild Sports Compression Arm Sleeves 1 Pair...
2,792 Reviews
Bucwild Sports Compression Arm Sleeves 1 Pair...
Popular arm sleeve with 36 different designs to choose from.
  • Good, comfortable fit
  • Great selection of designs available 
  • UV Protection
  • Sold in pairs
  • Thousands Of Excellent Reviews

Bucwild developed this compression arm sleeve especially for athletes to ensure that they get the very most out of their training, competitions and most importantly, their recovery from high intensity activity.

The compression sleeves are made to improve circulation around the arm allowing the biceps, triceps, forearms and wrists to function optimally during performance.

Similarly, they aid circulation post-exercise allowing the user to recover swiftly and be physically prepared for the next match or training drill.

They are manufactured from a high grade polyester spandex which is light and stretches to fit all body shapes.

The sleeves are also moisture wicking so sweating during intense exercise won’t hinder performance.

Overall, this is a great product that comes in a pair and has a wide range of colors and styles.

Check Out The Bucwild Arm Sleeve Here

#5: Kuhnmarvin UV Protection Arm Sleeve: The Best Budget-Friendly Arm Sleeves On The Market – Period. 

KUHNMARVIN Arm Sleeves for Women / Men,...
11,699 Reviews
KUHNMARVIN Arm Sleeves for Women / Men,...
Popular arm sleeve at a great price-point helping you protect you or your young baseball stars without breaking the bank.
  • Amazing quality
  • Fits well
  • Looks great
  • Durable & comfortable
  • Great Value For Money

Unlike many other UV protection sleeves, the Kuhnmarvin design is seamless providing an excellent, flexible fit and unrivaled comfort.

The sleeves have been carefully designed to protect skin from 98% of harmful UV rays, making them a superb choice for use in hot temperatures and also for players with sensitive skin.

The sleeves are made to reduce the heat felt during intense sport and provide the user with a cooling sensation around the arms allowing them to perform at their optimum even on the hottest days.

The sleeves are flexible and one size fits most people easily.

The material is durable, stretchy and machine washable making them a great choice for the reasonable price.

Check Out The Kuhnmarvin UV Arm Sleeve Here

#6: Sports Farm Youth & Adult Arm Baseball Sleeves: A Great Alternative If You’re Looking For Different Designs & Sizes

NEW! Moisture Wicking Compression Arm Sleeve...
2,494 Reviews
NEW! Moisture Wicking Compression Arm Sleeve...
Over 100 designs & colors to choose from, thousands of positive customer reviews and comes in at a great price.
  • Great price
  • Easy wash – easy dry
  • Lightweight material 
  • Suited for kids and adults
  • Over 100 Colors To Choose From

#7: B-Driven Sports Compression Arm Sleeve: The All-Rounder With Exception Choice Of Sizes & Designs

Black Compression Sleeve Arm - Great For...
2,036 Reviews
Black Compression Sleeve Arm - Great For...
Great sleeve, great choice and at a great price. With over 2000 positive reviews and recommended by many coaches in the baseball world - if you’re looking for a baseball throwing sleeve here’s an additional option to check out.
  • Great compression for added stability 
  • Optimized temperature control
  • UV protection
  • Protects against scrapes and bruises
  • Made In The USA

Baseball Throwing Sleeves Buyers Pocket-Guide: Choosing The Best Sleeves

Here’s a quick-start guide on what to look for when purchasing a new throwing sleeve:

#1: Size & Fit: This should come as no surprise – it needs to fit the arm it’s going on. Luckily the vast majority of our list above have a range of sizes from youth, to adults to even seniors. And sometimes within those larger groups there are multiple sub sizes. Before you go any further you want to make sure you’re buying the right fit. Once you’ve got that under your…sleeve?…it’s to consider the next part. 

#2: Material: Most sleeves are made from a combination of; spandex, polyester, nylon and compression technology. This is to make the sleeve not only comfortable to wear, but also effective in taking sweat away from the body as opposed to letting it sit there and fester causing itchiness and discomfort. 

#3: Durability: The next area you’ll need to consider is durability. There’s no point in buying a sleeve that breaks within your first few wears. This is why it’s important to consult real product reviews before purchasing. 

#4: Design & Style: While admittedly ‘less important’ than the first 3 – design and style also provide a sense of comfort too – especially if you’re buying for youth players. Luckily, sleeves are one product where this is never really an issue. Some of the products above have over 100 colors and design to choose from ensuring that nobody is left out. 

#5: Price: Last but not least is price. Like anything in life, there are always ranges in prices to consider. But generally speaking, throwing sleeves would aim for the price point anywhere between $5-$20. Anything over that, we would primarily suggest for professional players only. 

How We Rank & Compare Throwing Sleeves: Our Research Methodology & Baseball Expert Reviews

So, let me tell you how we got all this information about the products we’re reviewing. 

  • Personal: First of all, we’ve actually used these products ourselves, and not just for testing purposes, but also during our coaching sessions and daily lives. And if we haven’t personally used them, we’ve got some colleagues and other professionals in the industry to try them out and share their feedback with us.
  • Professional: But that’s not all – we don’t just rely on personal experience and feedback from others. We also spend a lot of time researching and going through all the information available to the public, making sure we don’t miss any important details that a potential user should know. We go through everything with a fine-tooth comb so that you don’t have to.
  • Research Depth: We also have access to various tools and software that allows us to analyze industry data and measure popularity and interest in the equipment we review. So you can trust that we’re not just relying on our personal opinions or hearsay – we’ve got some solid data to back up our reviews.
  • Price: Price also plays an important role, but in the way you may be thinking. While we may have a better product available on the market at a higher price, many times we choose a lower priced (but still quality) product to make everything more inclusive for players (especially younger players) to take part in baseball. Equipment or apparel prices should not be a limiting factor for a child to take part in a sport – baseball is no different. And so for that reason, we sometimes rank cheaper alternatives higher in our lists.

Throwing Sleeves: FAQ’s

What size should I get for my baseball throwing sleeve?: To really get the best out of your sleeve size is important. 

And it’s also important to note that *one size does NOT fit all*. That said, when you use manufactures we have found these to be very useful – so keep that in mind.

What are the benefits of using a baseball throwing sleeve?: There’s a huge amount of benefits to wearing a throwing sleeve – so much so that people wear them in their daily lives outside of baseball. 

Things such as protecting against UV, improved blood flow and muscle support make throwing sleeves super useful when playing baseball. But there’s also the physical protection from scratches and bruises that is worth taking into mind as well. 

What material is best for a baseball throwing sleeve?: Many throwing sleeves are made from a mix of spandex, polyester and nylon. The most important reason is for comfort and fit. 

But when looking for a baseball throwing sleeve, you’ll need some compression technology also. Finally, you’ll need to make sure that your sleeve is ‘sweat proof’. 

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