Rukket 5×5 Baseball Net Review

Developing a solid all-round training programme to improve all aspects of your game isn’t easy.

There are so many things to take into consideration when devising a routine to advance skills and maintain focus and having the right training kit to do this is incredibly important.

Shopping around for individual pieces of training equipment can be time consuming and expensive and, unfortunately, we’re not all blessed with infinite time and bottomless wallets.

Now, imagine finding everything you need to devise a top quality training routine in one package, not possible right?

Wrong – Rukket have put together an excellent bundle of kit at an affordable price to sink your teeth into and really improve your game across all areas.

If you’re the kind of person who ranks value for money highly, then the Rukket 5×5 net bundle is a superb solution to look at investing in.

With a wide range of products included in the bundle, you’ll be able to get a range of training aids conveniently in one delivery and one overall spend.

Similarly, the bundle is going to provide you with multi-dimensional training. From one investment, all aspects of your game are going to improve from pitching, fielding, hitting and much much more.

Here’s our detailed rundown of the features that make the Rukket 5×5 bundle an excellent choice for baseball players and coaches alike…


The Rukket 5×5 net is unique in its design.

It’s incredibly fast and easy to assemble so you won’t have to worry about wasting time fiddling with fixtures or looking for the right sized screwdriver or spanner. The net has an excellent fold-up feature meaning that you can take it down and pack it away for storage or transport just as easily as assembling it.

The ability to ‘pop-up’ this net and and fold it away neatly into its carry bag means that you can use it on the go, whenever and wherever you have the urge to practice.

It’s a great option if you’re looking to train in different locations, indoors and outdoors or if you’re team is frequently travelling to games on the road.

It’s a handy really handy tool to have at your disposal to set up quickly for training drills or warm ups before a big match.

What’s more, when the game or training session is over it packs away compactly, fitting snugly into the trunk of any vehicle.

Multiple Uses

The Rukket 5×5 net bundle is an all-in-one training solution.

Essentially it’s a portable training centre which will allow you to train all manner of skills.

The bundle includes a number of excellent products including the 5×5 hitting net made with super durable 7-ply knotless netting and a lightweight, yet sturdy frame which is both rigid and stable.

The net is a fantastic training aid for pitching and works as an excellent backstop, saving you time in chasing balls around the training field.

Then there’s the removable strike-zone target with nine separate sections to increase pitching accuracy. It can also double up as a target for fielders – having different sections to aim at from different angles and on the move will soon have you throwing to your teammates like a pro.

Also included in the package is three weighted balls which have been specially designed to increase your overall accuracy and power at the plate.

By practising with weighted training balls, your technique, swing and ability to locate the sweet spot will be so much easier and smoother during matches.

The weighted balls also provide excellent kinaesthetic feedback allowing you to improve your game dramatically.

Rukket 5×5 Vs Powernet Vs Forstress

The biggest factors drawing us towards the Rukket 5×5 bundle are the price and the convenience. It’s cheaper than than other nets on the market, like the Fortress and, as we mentioned previously, it’s a real time saver as you can buy everything you need to develop in one go and have it delivered all at once.

On the other hand, at 25 square feet, the Rukket net is significantly smaller than both the Powernet 7×7 and the other nets on our best hitting nets guide – meaning that it’s not going to be as effective in stopping those rogue, off-target balls. However, the smaller surface area will allow the net to fit into compact spaces and smaller yards and increases its portability.

Rukket 5×5 Baseball Net Review: In Summary

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Where the Rukket 5x5 lacks in strength and size when compared to other nets on the market, it makes up for it in value for money and portability. Overall, the bundle is an excellent choice for anyone looking to train on-the-go in various locations.

When compared to other nets available, it’s not as weather proof so it’s difficult to leave as a permanent fixture on the training field, but it’s handy fold-up design makes up for this.

It’s a great lightweight, affordable alternative to the bigger, more robust nets out there and has something to offer to players of all abilities.

The Rukket 5×5 net bundle has everything you need to create and develop a decent, all-rounder.

Let’s recap on all the awesome features that the Rukket 5×5 net bundle has to offer:

  • Super portable design.
  • Multiple uses for developing a varied training programme.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Includes net, target zone, three weighted balls, carry bag.
  • Excellent value for money.