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Best Baseball Training Gloves for 2023 *Pancake & Paddle Gloves*

Reviews: Training Pancake / Paddle Gloves and Mitts. 

When we were looking to cut our baseball training gloves list down to just 5 gloves, we quickly came across a problem – there are actually a good selection of training gloves on the market. 

So, while we could sit here and list the numerous training gloves available (just like every other baseball site) – we decided to change it up a little. 

If you’ve been a reader of Mindfuse Baseball for any length of time, you’ll know that while we give high-level advanced tips to improve your baseball game, we firmly believe in nurturing youth players too. 

So, instead of just giving a lowdown on every single good glove out there we decided to choose specific gloves depending on the playing ability of the player you’re purchasing your glove for. 

Below you’ll be able to find a selection of gloves that not only accommodate older more advanced players, but we’ve also chosen a couple of gloves to help younger players in their development too. 

Again, we are fully aware that there are more gloves that could make this list, and over time, based on our own experience and our readers feedback, we’ll look to update this list.

Just Wanna Start Training? Quick Summary For The Training Gloves

  1. MacGregor Infield Training Glove: Consistently rated the best training glove for baseball players
  2. Mizuno Baseball GXT3A Training Paddle: Smooth natural leather training glove with superb durability 
  3. Rawlings GREAT HANDS Training Glove: Excellent glove from one of the most popular brands in baseball
  4. PRECISION IMPACT Softhands: Best training glove for youth players
  5. Akadema Pancake Glove: Durable glove that’ll re-enforce the 2 handed rule

Why Choose a Training Glove?

Game or normal gloves are different to training gloves – and depending on your position and the skills you’re looking to develop you’ll need a different type of glove. 

That said, in general you should expect to: 

  • Develop hand-to-throw transitioning
  • Build solid fielding mechanics
  • Help younger players deal with ground balls
  • Aid with framing training

And just all-round a brilliant addition to your fielding drills

MacGregor Infield Training Glove: Improve Fielding At An Affordable Quality 

MacGregor Infield Training Glove
841 Reviews
MacGregor Infield Training Glove
Affordable training glove that helps develop a quick ‘glove to throw’ transition
  • Pancake design
  • Helps develop seamless transition from ‘glove to throw’
  • Velcro strap to varying sizes
  • Minimize risk of injury
  • #1 Training Glove Rated By MFB Readers

In the Infield Training Glove, MacGregor has developed a pancake shaped glove suitable for significantly improving the user’s technique.

The glove is manufactured with a robust leather with high quality stitching making it a long lasting product which will resist the test of time and will stand up against continued use against ground balls indoors and outside.

The pancake design is specially designed to help develop a fast and solid glove-to-throw transition and improve two handed techniques.

The adjustable Velcro strap on the glove’s exterior gives an adaptable fit making it a great option for adults and children alike and it will suit all ability levels.

The padding on the glove minimizes the risk of painful catches but is not too thick and doesn’t impede the wearer’s sensitivity towards the ball providing players with both confidence and comfort.

All in all, this is a quality glove for a great price and it’s an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their infield game and catching and throwing speed and technique.

You Can Check The MacGregor Infield Glove Out Here >>

Mizuno Baseball GXT3A Training Paddle: Big Enough For Adults But Comfortable Enough For Youth Players

Mizuno Baseball GXT3A Training Paddle...
390 Reviews
Mizuno Baseball GXT3A Training Paddle...
The glove recommended in its competitors' reviews – yeah, it’s that good!
  • Great realistic game-like feel
  • High durability factor
  • Great for both adults and youth players
  • Superb value for money 
  • One of The Most Popular Gloves on The Market

This paddle is fantastic for developing fielding fundamentals and fast hands.

For youngsters looking to improve their infield technique, get better and faster with two hands and comfortably deal with grounders, it’s a great option.

The Mizuno GXT3A Training Paddle has been carefully designed to give it the look and feel of a leather glove, making it the perfect option for younger players making the transition from foam paddles to leather gloves.

The materials are of a high end with great durability meaning that the user won’t lose any sensitivity towards the ball when catching or scooping up bouncing or rolling ground balls.

The hand slot is big enough for adults and is still comfortable for younger users making it a great all-round trainer for a variety of ages to aid their development and increase soft hand confidence.

The glove is well manufactured and will last a few seasons without significant damage and, with its superb ergonomic design, you’re guaranteed to see marked improvement in your infield game within a few uses.

Overall, it’s an excellent training mitt and great value for money.

You Can Check The Mizuno GXT3A Training Paddle Out Here >>

Rawlings GREAT HANDS Pancake: Budget-Friendly Leather Training Glove For Youth Players

Rawlings | GREAT HANDS Pancake Training Glove
308 Reviews
Rawlings | GREAT HANDS Pancake Training Glove
Leather training glove without that’s around half the price of other brands on the market
  • Good value for money 
  • Right hand throw
  • One size fits all
  • Black color has surprising benefits
  • Budget-Friendly Training Glove

Next on the list we’ve got the Rawling GREAT HANDS. 

Now, if the last 2 other options we’re a little bit out of your budget, then the Rawling Pancake Training Glove is a great alternative. 

As a one size fits all glove, you’ve not only got better versatility to cover multiple ages across the youth age groups but in the long term it also makes this glove a very cost effective option. 

Also while the black color won’t necessarily give you better functionality we found it did provide less distraction than the brighter gloves on our list. 

Which, all said and done, is actually a pretty strong benefit. 

Another benefit to the color, is the distinction it makes between the white of the ball and black of the glove – which can really be beneficial when you’re looking for those marginal gains in improvement before ‘skill momentum’ takes over. 

Finally, with a quality leather construction it holds up really well, gives decent grip on the ball and is easy to maintain. 

Overall a great glove for the price and well worth the money. 

You Can See More on The Rawlings GREAT HANDS Here >>

PRECISION IMPACT Softhands: Best Training Glove For Younger Players

PRECISION IMPACT Softhands Foam Baseball...
237 Reviews
PRECISION IMPACT Softhands Foam Baseball...
The perfect alternative baseball training gloves for younger players looking to improve their fielding skills.
  • Great for younger players
  • Alternative to more expensive leather gloves
  • Good value for money 
  • Finger straps for added comfort
  • Lightweight Training Paddles

As a training aid for all abilities, the PRECISION IMPACT Softhands is brilliant – but especially useful for younger players to use in their fielding drills

It’s designed to encourage a swift transition from glove hand to throwing hand and it’s specially made to improve two-handed techniques and soft receiving skills.

The smart finger straps on the back of the glove make it not only comfortable but also incredibly easy to get on and off and it’s compatible with right and left handed fielders.

It’is manufactured from a lightweight foam making it a great choice for players who aren’t quite ready for a full leather mitt.

However, it still reinforces crucial and valuable infield techniques, so when the day comes to step up to a golden glove, your young players will be well prepared.

Overall, this product is fantastic for training younger players to use two hands and improve the speed of their transition and delivery.

Using the PRECISION IMPACT Softhands can help improve confidence when dealing with ground balls and it works very well with a variety of infield training drills.

Check Out The PRECISION IMPACT Softhands Here >>

Akadema Pancake Glove: Left & Right Hand Leather Training Glove

Akadema Pancake Glove (Left, 30-Inch)
59 Reviews
Akadema Pancake Glove (Left, 30-Inch)
30 inch left and right hand training pancake glove
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Good for small and larger hands
  • Good value for money
  • 30 inch circumference
  • Right & Left Hand Throwers

The Akadema Pancake Glove is a great training aid for anyone looking to improve their infield skills and techniques.

The glove is made of a supple and pliable leather so it fits comfortably and works with the shape and size of the user’s hand.

The glove is designed to reinforce infield fundamentals and improve ground ball catches and develop soft hands.

As a training tool, the Akadema Pancake Glove is perfect for encouraging two-handed play and fast ball transition making it a quality choice for technical improvement.

The 30-inch circumference makes the glove ideal for small and larger hands and its durable leather makes it a great glove for developing good fielding mechanics over a long period of time.

The glove is reasonably priced when taking into consideration the quality of materials and comfort and it’s generally a great product for improving younger players’ technique and preparing them for higher intensity play in the future.

Check Out The Akadema Here >>

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