Fortress Baseball Sock Practice Hitting Net Review

Whether you’re a coach with a developing team, a player looking to build your skillset or a parent trying to help your child’s progression in baseball, it’s important to find the right training equipment for you.

Having the correct gear is going to give you an edge over others and will allow young and aspiring players to reach their full baseball potential.

Hitting nets have helped revolutionize the way that we train.

Hitting nets are a fantastic aid for improving accuracy and power and they’re incredibly helpful in developing hitting technique when performing any hitting drills. They’re a great time saver during training drills – with a strong and durable net, you can forget about chasing balls around the training field, back yard or gym. In terms of fielding, they’re a fantastic aid to improve the accuracy of dynamic throws from different angles. 

Because hitting nets are such a versatile training aid, having the right one to suit your needs is really important. Before committing to a net, you’re going to want to take a few things into consideration.

Strength, durability and design all play a huge part in creating the perfect net, that’s why we’ve highlighted the Fortress Hitting Net as the one of best hitting nets available on the market today. Here’s everything you need to know about it…

Strength in Construction

The Fortress stands out from the crowd due to its super sturdy construction (as you’ll see from this image here). It’s been carefully designed with top of the range materials to withstand everyday use at all levels.

The first feature to highlight is the frame. It’s been manufactured to the highest spec with 1.5-inch-thick tubing constructed from extremely durable galvanized steel. The frame will stand the test of time against the hardest hits and pitches against all manner of balls.

Secondly, the Fortress has a super strong, premium net. It’s a double-layered #42 weight baseball netting suitable for training at the highest level. The double netting has a pillowcase design which allows the net to retain its shape indefinitely without stretching or ripping under pressure.

Now we’ve touched on the quality of the materials used to manufacture the Fortress, let’s take a look at the design itself.

The joints on all of the corners have been double bolted allowing the net to hold its own against powerful impacts from hits and pitches, massively reducing the risk of rebounds and ricochet.

Similarly, the large steel feet anchor the frame to the ground allowing the net to be fixed permanently without toppling over under the pressure of big hits.

Weather Proofing

When the weather turns, and rain clouds are approaching, the last thing you want to do is spend time disassembling equipment and packing it away quickly and carelessly before getting soaked, right? With the Fortress, this isn’t going to be a problem – it’s been specially fabricated with the best weather proof materials.

We mentioned before the galvanized steel tubing used in the frame. It’s also been powder coated, so it’s not only robust, but it’s also incredibly tough against the elements. With the Fortress, worrying about rust or damage from wind or icy conditions is a thing of the past as it can stay out in the field permanently all year round without getting damaged.

Another great feature of the net is that it’s been UV treated, so it can withstand those extra hot summer days. It’s also rot proofed so rain, mud and humidity are no match against its strength hugely reducing any chance of tearing, ripping and fraying from exposure to extreme weather.

In a nutshell, the strength and weather proofing of the Fortress make it stand out as the perfect hitting net for anyone looking to train hassle free, all year round in any season.

Fortress Vs Rukket vs Powernet

Ok, even the best products out there have their downsides. The main factors that may dissuade you from investing in the Fortress are that it’s not portable and it’s slightly pricier than other nets on the market (the reason for this being its unparalleled strength).

If you’re after something that can be easily transported between your home, the training field, the park or taken on vacation, then perhaps the Fortress isn’t the best option for you. However, if you’re looking for something that can be easily assembled once, and left in place for years to come, this is the finest net out there.

As far as price is concerned, it’s a fairly big spend in comparison to the other nets – but while the Powernet and Rukkets of this world might have portability and tranportability benefits that trump the Fortress – the sheer strength, durability and size of the Fortress makes it the perfect net for a long-term investment –  considering how long the Fortress will last against rigorous use and inclement weather.

Fortress Baseball Net Review: In Summary

FORTRESS Baseball Sock Net Screen | Pro...
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FORTRESS Baseball Sock Net Screen | Pro...
For coaches and players who want to take their training and development to the next level, you need look no further.

By spending that little bit extra on the Fortress, you’re guaranteed a net with

  • long lifespan
  • strength and stability
  • and overall quality.

This net is perfect for all abilities and you won’t have to change it or adapt it as you improve – essentially it’s a net for life.

Finally let’s review all of the excellent features that the Fortress has to offer:

  • Strength in construction.
  • Superb weather proofing.
  • Long lifespan.
  • Excellent all-round training aid.
  • Safety and security – allows you to develop baseball skills in a controlled environment.