Powernet 7×7 Baseball Net Review

There’s hundreds of methods to improve your game and develop your baseball skills and techniques.

Training routines, match experience and dedication are going to be paramount to your progression as a player, but it’s also necessary to have to right equipment to suit you and your individual needs.

One of the best ways to improve your game is by purchasing a hitting net that has a large surface area, can be easily set up anywhere and transported to and from the training field.

For an all-round, top quality portable net, you need look no further than the PowerNet 7×7.

We’ve previously listed it as the ‘best alternative net’ in our list of the best training nets out there.

That’s because it ticks all the boxes and is extremely versatile. It’s got just about everything you need to develop your game at home or on the move.

Here at Mindfuse Baseball, we place great stock in what other people think of a certain product and we value their experiences of using it.

The PowerNet 7×7 has literally thousands of great reviews online and has been endorsed by current and former MLS players, so you know that you’re getting a product worthy of the professionals.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the features that make the PowerNet 7×7 one of the best hitting nets out there right now…


Having a net that you can easily transport from A to B is so handy for coaches and players alike.

Being able to set up your net at home is one thing, but being able to move it from the back yard to the park, gym or training field is going to open up a whole world of training possibilities. 

In their 7×7 net, PowerNet have developed a product that allows you to train anywhere whether it’s indoors or outside. Thanks to its easy setup, the net can be used at any time allowing coaches to implement it into team training or individual drills.

The net requires no tools for its assembly which is impressive given its excellent design features

which include a huge surface area (49 square feet) allowing excellent security and protection from balls which stray off-target. It’s sturdy metal stakes also fit neatly into the package and attach the net securely to the ground without any hassle allowing you to train for hours without the risk of the net collapsing.

The PowerNet 7×7 is easily dismantled thanks to its collapsible design and packs away compactly and neatly into its carry bag which has a heavy-duty, durable zipper reducing the risk of damage or wear and tear during transport and storage.

The carry bag also has a nice shoulder strap so it can be moved from your car to the practice area with simplicity.


It’s rare to find a training net that combines size and portability so well.

At 7ft x 7ft, it would be easy to think that the size of the net compromises its versatility, however the opposite is true. The PowerNet 7×7 can be used whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Given its large surface area, the PowerNet 7×7 lends itself very well to a variety of batting drills. You can safely use it for tee work and hitting drills without the worry of damaging any surrounding windows or fences. It’s also perfect for individual pitching and fielding work and it’s a brilliant moveable backstop.

If you think the size might have an impact on the overall quality of the net, think again. Its seams are double-stitched and highly durable and the net has PU coating allowing it stand up against the test of time.

PowerNet 7×7 Vs Rukket Vs Fortress

The excellent combination of size and portability gives the PowerNet 7×7 an edge when comparing it with other nets. Other nets of this often don’t pack away so compactly reducing their ability to be transported with such simplicity and ease.

For parents and coaches worried about property damage from stray balls, this is an excellent choice of net. It can hold a high volume of balls and occupy kids and players for hours.

It’s definitely not as durable as the Fortress net, however it can be used in a number of situations and places from the park to the garage and, thanks to it’s size, it can be used for target practice in other sports outside of baseball.

Power 7×7 Baseball Net Review

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PowerNet Baseball Softball Practice Net for...
You’re going to struggle to find a training net as versatile as the PowerNet 7x7. Thanks to it’s portability, it can be used any where at any time in any number of training drills in softball and baseball.

Whether you’re coaching a team or searching for a training aid for an individual, this net has everything you need to develop baseball skills and techniques safely.

Finally, let’s take a look at all of the features that make the PowerNet 7×7 a wise investment:

  • Large net (47 square feet)
  • Excellent portability
  • Heavy duty carry bag
  • Large sock area for holding a large volume of balls
  • Weighted base for extra stability
  • Durable fiberglass frame
  • Easy to set up and dismantle
  • Double-stitched seams and PU coated net