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Baseball Batting Tees: Top 5 Round-up

Ultimate Buyers Guide for the Best Batting Tees 

One of the most efficient ways to practice your swing is to invest in a baseball hitting net and a tee (that the Pros use), so you can literally jump in and get your practice drills done anywhere – at any time.

Having a good tee to hit off off is like having a best friend who is by your side after your girlfriend just broke up with you.

Ok, maybe that wasn’t the greatest analogy, but you get the picture: You need a reliable baseball tee… or you could actually be hampering your hitting performance more than you realize. 

Improving Your Swing This Season – and Beyond. 

Not all baseball tees are created equal. In fact, if you purchase the wrong one, you could be hurting your swing.

Trust me when I say this, it aint fun when you’ve got cheap batting tee that: 

  • The ball doesn’t quite sit well on it (half of it isn’t showing)
  • Ruins your bat (chips off wood, dents/scratches aluminum)
  • Ultimately creates bad habits that are next to impossible to break 

First of all, that’s the main reason I created this buying guide. I (and many of my collegues) have already lived the reality of going cheap and it backfired at the most important of times. Frustration set in, focus was lost and so was time and energy.

Second, I want to help really good ball players get to the next level and use what the top players in the world are training with. This site is all about helping all levels of ball players, but I’ve always wanted to help out the more serious players get to the college and professional levels.

For those aspiring to be great players, you need to have a mixture of both technical and physical development AND have fun in the process.

But what about if you’re not aiming to be MLB superstar? That’s cool – I mean, the great thing about investing in a solid batting tee is that’s it’s not just for the pros – anyone can use one, for both development and fun.  

Choosing Your Batting Tee: What To Look For

When heading into the market for a new batting, there are a few things you’ll need to look out for: 


For starters, if I were buying a tee today, I’d first be looking at the brand name.

If you’ve been in the game long enough you’ll have likely heard of Tanner Tee. They are by far the most superior brand because they specifically focus on manufacturing the best baseball batting tees from the ground up. They use high quality materials which help them last longer than any other brand you will find.

That said however, there are also other brands out there that do a really good job – and it all depends on your budget and whether or not you want additional features added to your purchase.  But we’ll dig into those in a minute… 


The next thing to look at when choosing your batting tee is ‘technology’.

The biggest question at stake here is: When you hit the ball off of a tee, do you feel the ball at contact, or the rubber? Remember, you need a realistic hitting experience during your tee work.

Ball Presentation

How does the ball look when it’s sitting on top of it? Again, it must resemble an authentic look so you can focus on hitting line drives, and practice where you need to hit the ball.

It needs to mimic as close possible to a real game-scenario. 

Weight Distribution

When it keeps falling / tipping you need to keep spending the extra energy to lift it back up and put it in the perfect place ready for the next hit.

Having proper weight distribution will keep your batting tee in tact and in place. This means you’ll be able to focus on getting a high number of repetitions in without ever having to move it.

Easy Adjustments

And while we’re on the topic of ‘moving’ – the next question you need to ask yourself is: Can it easily adjust heights? It must be smooth and not over complicated, or else you’ll get frustrated with the darn thing. Believe us, that’s happened multiple times and it flat out gets old.


Lastly, if you are anything like us, we love bringing our training aids on the go. We’ll show you the ones that are portable so you can bring them wherever you want and be able to fit them in your baseball bag.

Having a portability factor in your equipment is an absolute must in today’s world. 

How We’ve Chosen Our List…

We’ve chosen these batting tees based on a few variables:

First we’ve asked people. Yeah, an old-aged technique we know, but hey, it works! 😉 So, who are these people? Some are professionals who work in the game, it’s what they do every day. Some are players and some are parents. 

Second, we’ve used our own experience as coaches and players of game.

And third, we’ve collated the opinions of current customers from around the different retailers. 

Please note, for some of the products we have listed, we an an Amazon Associate. This means we earn a small commission if you find a batting tee you like and purchase it from the platform. 

But don’t worry, this comes as no extra cost to you and it goes a long way to supporting this site. So, thank you in advance 🙂

Baseball Batting Tee #1: Best Batting Tee Overall

Tanner Tee Heavy Review

TANNER Heavy | Premium Built...
791 Reviews
TANNER Heavy | Premium Built...
A remarkable piece of equipment that'll have both adults and youth players covered. Super adjustable, portable and ready to take a hitting - without falling over.

This is the top dawg, there’s no doubt about it.

The Tanner Heavy Batting Tee is an adjustable tee that can moved to suit whatever preference you need. It has sizes for:

  • Adults
  • Youth
  • And be set up for the low ball too

It’s equipped with a ten pound heavy “claw” that provides three points of contact for extra grip on any type of hitting surface you will use.

The base is solid too. And many of the players we asked reported that even after many swings, it still stays in place. That my friends, is a rare find!

It has amazing feel when hitting, meaning you’ll feel the ball, not the rubber the ball sits on. 

While it comes with a heavier price tag than the other options we have on this list – this little beast might just be the best batting tee you ever used. 

Baseball Batting Tee #2: Best Alternative

Jugs T Pro

Jugs T - Pro Style Batting Tee, Will Not Tip...
1,808 Reviews
Jugs T - Pro Style Batting Tee, Will Not Tip...
Endorsed by big league slugger Albert Pujols the Jugs T is an adjustable and super-durable tee giving your hitting practice huge flexibility.

We love the Tanner brand, but there are other top brands on the market worth looking at. The Jugs T being one of them. It’s a super portable and durable piece of kit that can be used with both adults and youth players.

With a weighted base to keep it in place you’ll find it doesn’t wobble after numerous swings and you won’t have to constantly reset it either. 

It’s also adjustable. With a range as low as 23″ and as high as 46″ – you’ll have plenty of room for growth no matter the age, size or skill level of the hitter – allowing the hitter to work on their swing mechanics through the entire strike zone. 

If you’ve used lower quality batting tees in the past, you’ll know how extremely frustrating it can be when the tee slides down the stem after being hit. The Jugs T Pro comes with a nifty little ‘interlocking’ bolt design that stops this problem. This in itself is a huge time (and sanity) saver.

There’s also a patented grip-n-go handle which makes it easy to grab it and transport it anywhere you want. It can also fit in bigger bags just in case you need to bring it to practice.

All-in-all a solid batting tee from Jugs with added portability and more attractive price point the Tanner Heavy. 

Baseball Batting Tee #3: Best Value for Money

GoPlus Adjustable Batting Tee

Goplus Batting Tee, Adjustable Baseball...
379 Reviews
Goplus Batting Tee, Adjustable Baseball...
One you probably haven't heard of - but I wouldn't be doing my job properly if I didn't let you in on this little beauty...

So the GoPlus is a little different from the last two batting tees we’ve dug into. For starters it comes in much much cheaper than the first two models – perfect if you’re on a budget. 

You tend to get what you pay for however when it comes to batting tees – so with that said, how does it hold up? 

Well, surprisingly well in fact – esspecialy for the price. At around the quarter of the price than most other top batting tees on the market you’d be forgiven for not giving the GoPlus a second eye. But you might just be making a mistake…

…the GoPlus is an adjustable batting build to withstand a fair old amount of use with some customers already into their 2nd and 3rd season of use – reporting no problems whatsoever. 

Additionally, the GoPlus comes in a tripod design that gives you a super quick assembly and disessemble time so you can start practice and then pack up and go in literally no time at all. Each leg on the tripod comes fitted with ‘feet’ pads so that you can ensure practice can take part on all surfaces – indoors and outdoors. 

The GoPlus is a  sturdy, adjustable batting tee that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Well worth checking out. 

Baseball Batting Tee #4: Most Popular

Tanner Tee Original Review

9,889 Reviews
Probably the most used and most popular batting tee on the market. A solid batting tee with thousands of postive reviews to back it up.

If you’re looking for something not as high tech as the first 2 in our top 5, but you like to walk the road of least reisistance – the Tanner Original is a great choice.

First up, it’s excellent quality. The Original is an industry leading and a best-seller. It boasts thousands of 5 star reviews and is good for all skill levels.

It’s easy to make adjustments with patented hand-rolled flexible rubber top to give you an authentic feel when hitting the ball – whether that’s a regulation sized or weighted training ball

The Tanner Original is also the smallest of the Tanner brand, so it’s great for sliding into a bat bag and bringing it literally anywhere you want. The Ordinal is very lightweight and easy to disassemble.

This is second batting tee in our top 5 from the Tanner brand – they really are worth the price.

Baseball Batting Tee #5: Best Newcomer

Rukket Baseball Batting Tee

Rukket Baseball/Softball Batting Tee Pro |...
143 Reviews
Rukket Baseball/Softball Batting Tee Pro |...
Finally, to wrap up our best batting tee list we've got this little beast from Rukket...

A relatively new batting tee on the block, the Rukket batting tee is a adjustable and portable tee that comes backed by the Rukket brand. 

With two options to choose from; the Pro and the Heavy Duty (and no additional price to pay between them) – you can be absolutley sure that you’re not only getting exactly what you’re looking for but at a very competitive price too. 

So what do you get? Well, for starters you can adjust the stem upto 4 feet high and low enough to help your really young players. 

It also comes with a tripod design (albeit far more attractive looking than the GoPlus) and it’s been designed to concentrate the majority of the weight at the lower part of the tee. Something we’d like to report with other tees – but just isn’t the case. Rukket has designed their tee to give you more stability, more practice time and more sanity. 

Also if you’ve got any other Rukket products, this thing won’t look out of place. It comes complete with a cool looking bad for easy carry and additional hooks to help keep it in place even if you’re a big hitter. 

While the Rukket might be number 5 on our list, it certainly isn’t number 5 in terms of ranking order. 

While we stand by Tanner Tee and everything they’re doing over there – the Rukket batting tee is strong contender for our attention and one that won’t be going away anytime soon. 

Now that you know not only how to choose your next batting tee, but you’ve also got a healthy list of contenders too. 

The truth is, most batting tees aren’t worth the product space on the screen you’re reading this on. And, unfortuantly the lower the price you pay, the lower the quality is going to be. 

Overall, I stand by the Tanner brand – so much so I’ve included two models in this list. They’re great pieces of equipment that won’t let you down. 

But there are alteratives…

If you need something a little (read: a LOT) less expensive then the GoPlus might be the best option. Just remember while it is the best budget batting tee – it’s still a budget tee. 

But, if you’re a fan of Rukket products (and who isn’t?) then I’d highly recommend you check out their batting tee. It comes in at a very competitive price and you’ve got two options from the Pro or the Heavy Duty – without paying any additional money. 

Overall any one of these from this list will be worth the money you spend on them. They are built with the highest quality, and they are designed with the ideas of some of the highest level hitters in baseball.

If you’re serious about improving your hitting, then a batting tee is a worth while investment.