Top 10 Best Baseball Bags for 2022

top bags for baseball equipment

Top 10 Best Bags for Baseball 2020

We took the time to review dozens of bags and narrowed down our list to 10 currently on the market to help you find the perfect one. There are many reasons why players need a baseball bag. We’re about to show you the best ones in 2019!

There’s a lot to choose from out there, which is why we put this list together to help players, parents, and coaches invest in one that will actually do its job!

The last thing you want to do is spend money on a bag that doesn’t have the room for your equipment, doesn’t look great, and flat out breaks. We’ve all been there before.

Bat Packs, Backpacks and Duffel Bags: What To Look For...

There are a few things that you’ll want to consider before pulling the trigger on a new bag including; personal preference, color, and design. Most importantly, you need to consider what you are carrying and where.

Are you a catcher? You’ll want to look into catchers bags that are specifically designed to hold all your equipment in a smart and organized fashion.

Additionally, keep in mind that you’ll want to have some extra pockets and sections that can hold your snacks and personal items.

You often have important personal items such as your wallet and cell phone that need to be stored away securely during your game or practice.

When it comes to finding the best baseball bag, there are several factors that should be considered. Each bag that made our list is a bit different, but they all have some of the features that we find important.

One of the biggest concerns when is making sure it has the space and organization you need to be efficient. Additionally, durability plays a big role and should always be at the forefront of your decision making process. There is nothing worse than having your bag rip out in its first few uses.

Just as each bag is unique, so is each player. Before you start searching for a baseball backpack take inventory of what equipment and gear you need to carry so you have an idea of your needs beforehand.

Baseball Bag Reviews

Without further a due, we give you our top 10 best baseball bags of the 2019 season.

All our reviews are taken from; the opinions of experts working in the game. current customers (both parents and kids), our own experience and by collating a huge amount information from current customers around different retailer sites. This is all done, so it’s no sweat for you. 

It’s also worth noting, that is an associates of Amazon. This means for some products, if you buy, we earn a small commission. 

Of course, this is at no extra cost to you. 

With that said, let’s jump into the best baseball bags and batpacks on the market… 

Baseball Backpack #1

Easton Game Ready Baseball Backpack

Easton | GAME READY Bat & Equipment Backpack...
4,439 Reviews
Easton | GAME READY Bat & Equipment Backpack...
First up, the Easton Game Ready Baseball backpack. This bag exudes sleek simplicity. Compact, lightweight and plenty of storage space are just a few of the highlights of this gem. Check it out here...


The Easton brand is synonymous with baseball, so you know you are getting a product that is custom tailored to suit ball players.

The main compartment is a top zip and is the perfect place for your helmet and glove. There is also a zippered pocket located at the bottom of the bag for your cleats. The best part? Both of these compartments are vented so no need to worry about stale sweat smells.

The two side pockets are perfect for either stashing your bats, water bottle or one of each. Lastly, there is a convenient front pocket for storing your snacks and personal items separate from your equipment.

Baseball Bat Pack #2

Boombah Superpack Bat Pack

Boombah Superpack Bat Pack -Backpack Version...
1,620 Reviews
Boombah Superpack Bat Pack -Backpack Version...
Durability is the name of the game when it comes to the Boombah Superpack. The design team obviously took great care in making sure that this bag is tough and will last through even the roughest use for years to come.

If you are someone who has multiple bats in your arsenal, you’ll love this pack. This bag can accommodate up to 4 bats at the same time in its side pockets.

Most baseball bags only have room for 2, so if you are looking for more bat storage you may have found your match.

The main compartment has ample room for your glove and helmet and there is a separate pocket for your shoes as well.

Another cool feature of this bag are the reinforced J-hooks that allow you to hang your bag on a hook or fence so its not left in the dirt and you can easily access it.

Baseball Bat Pack #3

Rawlings Hybrid Bat Pack/Duffel Bag

Rawlings | R601 Hybrid Backpack/Duffle...
148 Reviews
Rawlings | R601 Hybrid Backpack/Duffle...
This bag is probably the most versatile one on our list with its ability to be used as a backpack or duffle bag. Check it out here...

This bag can hold up to two bats and has an external Velcro strip for batting glove storage, so it doesn’t take up all the room on the inside of your bag.

We love that it has a separate compartment for your shoes that is ventilated for proper airflow.

Additionally, the Rawlings Hybrid is both durable and easy to clean, making it well worth your investment.

Best Catchers Bags

Baseball Catcher Bag: #4

Easton E610cbp Catchers Bat Pack

Easton | E610CBP CATCHERS BACKPACK | Adult |...
267 Reviews
Easton | E610CBP CATCHERS BACKPACK | Adult |...
Don’t worry catchers, we didn’t forget to include one of the best catchers bags on our list. The Easton E610cbp holds all your catcher’s equipment and then some.

This bag features a ventilated main compartment to store all your gear and an interior shelf for organization. There is also a separate ventilated compartment for your cleats.

The side of the bag has mesh sleeves for your shin guards that can be folded away when they are not in use. An external strap can be found on the outside to attach your glove and/or helmet.

The best part of this catcher’s bag? It has pockets for your bats too, eliminating your need for a separate bag. If you are a catcher and looking for a bag that carries it all, you will be hard-pressed to find a more convenient and price savvy pack.

Baseball Catchers Bag: #5

No Errors NO E2 Catchers Bag with Fatboy Wheels

No Errors NOE2 Catchers Gear Bag with Wheels-...
398 Reviews
No Errors NOE2 Catchers Gear Bag with Wheels-...
Another high quality catcher’s bag makes the cut. The No Errors NO E2 Catchers Bag has tons of features that truly impressed us.

First, we all know that catchers’ have a lot of gear and fitting it all in one bag is often tricky. Not with this bag. There is room for everything to be stored in a convenient and organized fashion. From the nine different pockets to the interior shelving system, if you appreciate organization, you’ll love this bag.

One of our favorite features of this catcher’s bag is the fact that it has wheels. No need to break your back carrying your gear from point A to point B when you can just roll it along.

Lastly, there are four hideaway hooks that make it easy to hang your bag up anywhere, anytime.

Baseball Bag #6

Boombah Brute Rolling Baseball/Softball Bat Bag

Boombah Brute Rolling Baseball/Softball Bat...
348 Reviews
Boombah Brute Rolling Baseball/Softball Bat...
Boombah does it again, making its second appearance on our list. The best part about the Brute? It has wheels! This means you can glide your bag along without bearing the weight of your equipment on your back.


This bag has one large main compartment that is suitable for regular gear as well as catchers gear. There is a convenient handle on each end of the bag that allows you to grab it in a hurry and J-hooks let you sling up on the fence with ease.

There is room for up to four bats, making this one of the best bat bags we found.

There is no option for carrying this bag back pack style, so if you are someone who likes the look and feel of a traditional backpack, this may not be the best baseball bag for you.

Baseball Backpack #7

Nike Vapor Select 2.0 Graphic Baseball Backpack University

Nike Vapor Select 2.0 Graphic Baseball...
1 Reviews
Nike Vapor Select 2.0 Graphic Baseball...
Coming in at number 7 is the Nike Vapor Select 2.0. This bag gives all the traditional backpack vibes with its traditional and simplistic styling.

Don’t be fooled by its classic looks though, this is a true baseball backpack that is engineered to hold all your equipment efficiently.

The main compartment provides ample interior storage and the ventilated bottom pocket makes sure your cleats are separate and getting proper air flow to avoid stale, mal-odor situations.

There are two bat sleeves and a helmet strap to secure your gear and a fuel pocket to hold your water bottle too.

We love the classic look of this bag and you can’t go wrong with Nike, one of the most trusted names in sporting goods.

Baseball Bat Pack #8

Men’s Under Armour Undeniable Bat Pack

Under Armour Water Resistant Undeniable...
191 Reviews
Under Armour Water Resistant Undeniable...
Under Armour is a trusted name in the sports world so you can be assured that the Undeniable Bat Pack is designed with athletes and their needs in mind. This bag holds it all which is why we love it.

There are many bags on the market that are simply too small, and players complain that they end up carrying their helmet or glove because it doesn’t fit.

Not the case with this bag. You can easily store your helmet, glove, two bats, water bottle, snacks and personal items without overpacking it.

The bag is simple in design and comes in several color options to choose from and it is durable yet lightweight.

The biggest complaint that we hear from this bag is that the J-hook is located on the inside of the bag. This means if you want to hang it on the fence, you’d have to leave it unzipped.

Baseball Batpack #9

Franklin Sports MLB Batpack Bag

Franklin Sports Kids Baseball Bag - Youth...
3,389 Reviews
Franklin Sports Kids Baseball Bag - Youth...
There are many reasons why the Franklin Sports MLB Batpack Bag made our top ten list. First, its backed by the MLB, so that’s your first clue about its quality and design...

At first glance, you’ll note that the bag offers a sleek, simplistic appearance and a compact design. But don’t let its simple style fool you, there is ample room for all your gear.

The main compartment holds your helmet, glove, cleats and any miscellaneous gear and it is ventilated to keep things fresh.

You can carry two bats comfortably, one on each side of the bag. There are also two convenient valuables pockets that help keep your wallet, phone and keys safe and easily accessible.

Baseball Back Pack #10


FAVORGEAR Baseball Bag, Backpack for Baseball...
138 Reviews
FAVORGEAR Baseball Bag, Backpack for Baseball...
Organization in a compact and sleek looking bag, that is what you get when you choose the Favorgear Baseball Bag. This bag has the most pockets and organizational measures of any bag on our list, so if having a place for everything is your thing this may be the best baseball backpack for your style.

There is a main compartment, shoe compartment, two side pockets and a front zippered organizer. The side pockets are perfect to hold either your bats or water bottles.

The J-hook at the top of the bag makes hanging up on the fence easy and secure and the padded and meshed shoulder straps make sure you are comfortable when the bag is on your back.

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