Increase Arm Strength

Increase Arm Strength and Velocity

Increasing arm strength and velocity should be a top priority for any baseball player. It doesn’t matter if you already have a strong arm, or if your arm strength is weak. You need to not only strengthen your arm so you can add velocity, you also need to stick to a proven arm care and strength program.

Arm Strength Programs for Baseball Players

Arm Strength for Pitchers

Arm Strength for Catchers

Arm Strength for Infielders

Arm Strength for Outfielders

Why Should You Improve Your Throwing Velocity?

If you want to be a really good baseball player, you need to be able to make all the throws that are required for your given position. Pitchers must have velocity if they want to reach a high level of baseball. If you’re a catcher, you need to be able to make the throw to first base on one knee, throw to 2nd base when a runner tries to steal and to 3rd base while avoiding the batter in the box.

Infielders need to make throws from awkward positions, on the run and deep in the hole. Outfielders have the longest throws and need to be able to hit the cutoff man and gun someone down at home. Whatever position you play in baseball, you need a strong throwing arm.

Arm Care and Arm Health

While you need to improve arm strength and increase velocity, you also need to incorporate an arm care program. You should learn how to properly take care of your arm. Arm health is just as important as arm strength.

Learning about Arm Care

If you knew all of the muscles that are used when throwing a baseball, softball or football, wouldn’t you want to strengthen those muscles? Stay up to date with the latest arm care information from USA baseball.

In addition, we have a very specific shoulder training program that shows you the exercises that you should do on a daily basis to strengthen the muscles around the throwing arm. That is coming very soon, so stay tuned!