Arm Strength & Arm Care

A 6 Week Shoulder Accelerator program designed to strengthen your shoulders, improve your Arm Health and Increase Your Velocity!

Plus a sneak preview of an Awesome Arm Strength Program that WILL add 5-10 MPH! Most players start here with our Shoulder Accelerator, then they follow it up our ultimate training!

  • 6 Videos Included With Instruction and Coaching!
  • Bonus 6 Week PDF Calendar for you to keep Forever!
  • Special Offer Inside the Calendar!

What’s Up All You Mind Fusers & Baseball Fanatics!!

If you don’t already know, my name is Al. I am a college football coach (Offensive Coordinator / Quarterbacks).

But this is a baseball site Al!

Uh, Yeah!

Throwing the football is pretty similar to throwing a baseball. I grew up playing both sports, my brother played pro baseball for years, and I’m a Throwing Mechanics Specialist!

That’s right, I teach my QB’s what I’ve learned through the years on:

  • Arm Health
  • Arm Strength
  • Weight Shift
  • Torque
  • Arm Speed
  • Mechanics
  • Techniques


I get my QB’s to believe in it so they can self-correct themselves.

Here’s a FREE (you don’t even need equipment) Way to Strengthen Your Shoulders

The Best Part?

You Can Do it At Home at Random Times (Watching SportsCenter)

See, I believe in Warming Up to Throw

Not throwing to warm up

That means we need to get all the muscles you use when throwing to be ready to go!

Sign Up Now and never have a sore arm again!

Plus a Super Awesome Velocity Improvement program that I developed over 10 years. It’s a proven PROCESS that produces RESULTS!

If you want to jump right into our arm strength program, please send us an email. It is on SALE right now, for a limited time, for $19/Month

You will learn a lot more of the torque and mechanics that goes into throwing a high velocity throw.

Our program gives you a free way to strengthen your shoulders and you can do it anywhere with zero equipment, which is pretty cool.

See you on the inside!

ps: when you sign up, look for a secret code in your email to get into the MEMBERS area. Check “promotions” after you sign up.

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