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Best Baseball Gloves and Brands This Season (2019)

Our guide is so focused on helping you find the best baseball gloves and brands for your 2019 season.

This buying guide is for the ELITE baseball players and we have expert reviews of the top mitts to improve your performance on the ball diamond. It’s our mission to put the glove buying process on a “Tee” for you so you can knock it out of the park.

First of all, baseball gloves are very specific to the position you play. That’s why we’ll break down the top gloves and brands by position. You’ll be able to use the Table of Contents to jump to each section!

Second, we bring knowledge from a former professional player and provide extensive research to you, wherever you are! The importance of a great baseball glove cannot be over looked. Mind Fuse Baseball will bring that importance to you.

So, pull your socks up, lace up your cleats and let’s get ready to find the right glove that suits your needs and takes your ball game to the next level!

2019 best baseball gloves and brands

Mind Fuse Baseball has put together the ultimate buying guide for players, parents and family members looking for that special glove.

Whether you’re buying a glove for yourself, or if you’re a parent searching for a glove for your kid, we have your back!

Gain an Unstoppable advantage in the field and gear up for the real reason to choose a glove that will change your game!

Top Baseball Gloves For Your NEW Season!

With so many options, it can be tough to figure out which baseball glove is best for you. There is no one size fits all solution to baseball gloves.

Here’s a sneak peak of our top 21 list. Remember though, you’re going to want to check out our full review in the next section of our buying guide. It will help you decide what glove is best for you and the position you play.

You know that expression, “fits like a glove?” Well, that’s how you want to feel when you try on that brand new recommended baseball glove.

Nothing beats the process of breaking in a brand new glove. The smell of new leather, the feel, comfort, durability and weight are all things that I will never forget, and either will you.

So enjoy the process of buying and breaking in your new baseball glove!

The Amazing Baseball Glove Ranking Chart

RankGloveImagePosition ReviewsQualityPrice
1Rawlings PROSMT27 Mike Troutbest baseball gloves for outfieldersOutfieldNEWHighest$$$
2Wilson A2000 KP92 12.5″top gloves college baseball playersOutfield / Infield5 Stars (142 Reviews)Highest$$$
3Rawlings Gold Glove 12.75″best gold baseball gloves rawlingsOutfield / InfieldNEWHighest$$$
4Wilson A2K Outfield 12.75″wilson top baseball glovesOutfield / Infield4.5 Stars (22 Reviews)Highest$$$
5Mizuno Pro Baseball Glove Seriestop baseball gloves for 2019 seasonOutfield / Infield5 Stars (NEW)Highest$$$
6Nokona Bloodline P6 Baseball Glovenokonas best baseball glove infieldersSS / 2B4 Stars (NEW)Extremely High$$$
7Rawlings Heart of the Hide Dual Core 11 1/2″rawlings top baseball glovesSS / 2B4.5 Stars (11 Reviews)Highest$$$
8Rawlings PROS205-2BCWT Pro Preferred Wing Tiprawlings best baseball infield glovesSS / 2B / 3B4.5 Stars (17 Reviews)Extremely High$$
9Mizuno Classic Pro Soft GCP66S Baseball Infielder Glove – 11.5″top baseball brand mizuno glove3rd Base / SS4.5 Stars (2 Google Reviews)Extremely High$$
10Nokona X2-1150M X2 Elite 11.5 inch Baseball Gloveamazing baseball mitts3rd Base / SS5 Stars (45 Reviews)Extremely High$$
11Mizuno GMP300BK Pro First Base Mitttop first base gloveFirst Base5 Stars (3 Reviews)Highest$$$
12Wilson A2K 2800 12″ Pro Stock First Base Mittbest first base gloveFirst Base5 Stars (4 Reviews)Highest$$$
13Nokona X2 Elite Series 13 Inch X2-N70 Baseball First Base Mittbest first base gloves 2019First Base5 Stars (1 Google Review)Highest$$$
14All-Star Pro Elite CM3000SBTbaseball catchers mittCatcher5 Stars (175 Reviews)Highest$$$
15Nokona Bloodline Pro Series Baseball Catchers Mitt: P2best baseball catchers mittCatcher5 Stars (1 Google Review)Extremely High$$$
16All-Star Pro-Elite Series 33.5″ Baseball Catcher’s Mitttop baseball catchers mittCatcher5 Stars (175 Reviews)Highest$$$
17Wilson A2000 CM33 33″ Catcher’s Baseball Mittbest catchers mitt baseballCatcher4.5 Stars (20 Reviews)High$$$
18Wilson A2000 CK22GMbest baseball glove for pitchersPitcher / Infield5 Stars (323 Reviews)Extremely High$$$
19Wilson Showtime Series A800pitchers glovePitcher / Infield4.5 Stars (3 Reviews)High$
20Rawlings Gamer Series Baseball Glovebaseball glove for pitchersPitcher / Infield4.5 Stars (13 Reviews)High$
21Mizuno MVP Prime SE 11.75-Inch Baseball Fielder’s Mittbaseball pitchers glovePitcher / Infield5 Stars (2 Reviews)High$

Finding the top baseball gloves and brands for your 2019 season takes some research and a little exploration.

We use a very specific criteria in selecting our top 20. We also take the position the glove is for into consideration and successfully labeled those for you.

In addition, Mind Fuse Baseball knows that not everyone will agree with our list. However, if it gets you started in the right direction and you feel good about your purchase, then this baseball glove buying guide serves its purpose!

Are you ready for a break down of the best baseball gloves 2019 has to offer? This is the ultimate buying guide.

We all know having the right glove can make the difference between fielding the ground ball or booting it.

Whether you are looking to reach the next level or just playing in slow pitch games on the weekends, check out our recommendations on how to find the right one for you.

Do You Need The Best Baseball Glove?

The moment you’ve all been waiting for. Here we go!

Now, we’ll start with outfielders gloves, then work our way to middle infielders gloves, first and third base gloves, catchers mitts and finally gloves for pitchers. Are you ready?

What Are The Best Gloves for Outfielders?

2019 is your year as an outfielder. Now let’s take a look at the top gloves for your position. This glove review section will cover mitts for all three positions in the outfield – Center Field, Right Field and Left Field!

1. Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSMT27 Mike Trout

top baseball gloves for outfielders in 2019

If Mike Trout uses it, shouldn’t you? Ok, that may be a little ridiculous, but here’s why this glove is dope.

The Review Breakdown: First off, Rawlings glove brands are top notch, high quality mitts. You really can’t go wrong with them.

Second, the Mike Trout Rawlings PROSMT27 looks unreal. The five star reviews keep pouring in because players LOVE this glove.

It’s the look and feel that make the big difference. Performance? Unmatched. It’s hard to miss any fly ball or a line drive with this glove.

This is our #1 choice for outfielders gloves and brands for 2019. Act fast before they all go off the shelf.

2. Wilson A2000 KP92 12.5″

best baseball gloves for outfielders 2019

The Review Breakdown: Coming in at Number 2 is the Wilson A2000 KP92. So many professional players would agree that Wilson is one of the best baseball gloves brands in 2019.

Read our full Wilson A2000 outfield glove review. Mind Fuse Baseball breaks it down for anyone who is thinking of buying.

This glove is engineered with leather that is intended to be game day ready, meaning little to no break in time is required.

The low profile heel makes the mitt more flexible and forgiving. This mitt has a Pro laced T-Web and the pattern was developed by Kirby Puckett!

There is Dri-Lex wrist lining to keep your hand cool and most importantly, DRY! The glove gives you the ability to make any catch that comes your way.

3. Rawlings Gold Glove 12.75″

2019 Best Baseball Outfielders Gloves

The Review Breakdown: Take your defense to the next level with this Rawlings Gold Glove 12.75 inches. Performance based, Opti-Core Technology, sleek look and outstanding feel.

This glove is a 20% factory break in, which is an added bonus. It is made with immaculate European leather.

Because of the larger size of the web (12.75″), this Rawlings Gold Glove is designed for the more experienced outfielder.

For those of you who really value a good shape with the pocket of the glove, this pocket can form into the real deal. As many really good baseball outfielders know, a good pocket makes a HUGE difference.

4. Wilson A2K Outfield 12.75″

Top Wilson Brand Outfielder Glove 2019

Let’s Break it Down: The Wilson A2K Outfielders glove is designed to be light and playable right off the bat.

Many of the best MLB outfielders favor this glove for its amazing length and deep pocket. The dual post web keeps the pocket in outstanding shape after its broken in.

The leather of this glove will conform to your hand and you will feel like it was made for you. This is a premier glove in the eyes of top prospects and many professional players around the world.

5. Mizuno Pro Baseball Glove Series

Top baseball glove brands for outfielders in 2019

Our Take: The Mizuno GMP2BK-700DS Pro Outfield 12.75″ baseball glove!

We all know that this thing looks like the real deal. One of the best brands in baseball, Mizuno, has really knocked this one out of the park!

Trusted by thousands, if not millions of professional athletes around the world, this glove is made with the most worthy leather in today’s market.  This helps the pocket form much better and last a lot longer.

What can you expect if you buy this glove? Simply put, you will most definitely play solid defense and have the confidence you’re after.

What do The Best Baseball Infielders Gloves Look Like?

If you play shortstop, second base, third base or first base you belong to the infielder’s glove crew. You should have a very specific, infielder glove.

Typically you want your infielders glove on the smaller size so you can pick ground balls off the ground.

Middle Infield: Second Base and Short Stop Gloves

6. Nokona Bloodline P6 Baseball Glove

leading baseball glove brands 2019

Not only does this glove look good, it is designed for high performance.

Our Infield Glove Review Breakdown: The Nokona Bloodline P6 is a lightweight and very well put together glove. Crafted from top grain Stampede Steerhide and Kangaroo leathers, the quality is unparalleled.

This glove is recommended for the game’s most skilled players who are looking to take their game to the next level. The Bloodline P6 requires very little to break in, making it a ready to play mitt.

We think that Nokona is one of the top baseball glove brands 2019, thanks to their dedication to high quality gloves that are game ready. So many players are playing with these gloves, especially in big time college ball.

7. Rawlings Heart of the Hide Dual Core 11 1/2″

top baseball gloves for infielders 2019

Our Infield Glove Review Breakdown: The Heart of the Hide has a deep, wide pocket making it perfect for outfielders. The steerhide leather is softened and specially tanned before the glove is constructed which reduces the break in time.

Break in time for this glove is 60% broken in by the factory, which leaves the player with about 40% of break in to do.

Why is break in percentage important? Well, because back in my day you had to put the glove in the oven just to slightly break it in. Today, these gloves are almost game ready. All it takes is a few sessions of catch.

The inside of this glove is lined with deer-tanned cowhide which adds superior comfort and protection on the inside of the glove.

8. Rawlings PROS205-2BCWT Pro Preferred Wing Tip

infielders glove for serious baseball players

Our Infield Glove Review Breakdown: One of the most trusted brands in all of baseball, this glove is ideal for an elite infield player.

The PROS205 features kipskin leather which is lighter and more supple than traditional steerhide. You are getting a hidden gem with this glove.

With exceptional durability and a custom break in, if you are a serious infielder looking for the perfect glove, this is an excellent option.

Why is this an infielders glove? Simply stated, it is small enough for elite ball handling. Remember, turning two and getting the ball out of your glove after a ground ball should be your number one priority! This glove gives you the opportunity to get that done.

There are difference colors to choose from, making this infielders glove a superb option for those who want a sharp look and feel.

High Performance 3rd Base Gloves

9. Mizuno Classic Pro Soft GCP66S Baseball Infielder Glove – 11.5″

top third base baseball gloves for infielders 2019

Our Take: If you are in the market for a low cost yet quality mitt, this is a great option. The Mizuno GCP6SS offers quality and affordability.

This glove will help any third baseman make defensive plays at the hot corner position. It is equipped with an ultra soft palm built for durability and feel.

How fast can you get the ball from the glove to your hand?

First off, a lot of that depends on your skill level. However, this glove gives you a better chance of having quicker hands because of the soft palm.

Whether you’re planning to go pro or trying out for your high school team, this infielder mitt is game ready right off the shelf, so you can get right to it.

10. Nokona X2-1150M X2 Elite 11.5 inch Baseball Glove

third base baseball gloves for infielders

Our Infield Glove Review Breakdown: This is truly an elite infielder glove. The Nokona baseball brand is hot right now, and there’s plenty of reasons why.

Stampede Steerhide and Kangaroo leather, this glove is extra position specific. Make every play on defense from here on out. Be the human vacuum you’re capable of.

Fielding ground balls will never be easier, especially at the hot corner (third base). The Nokona X2 Elite is break-in ready. Take your game to the next level.

High Performance First Base Gloves

11. Mizuno GMP300BK Pro First Base Mitt

first base infielders baseball gloves

The Breakdown: For starters, Mizuno is a trusted brand among professional players. The GMP300BK Pro first base glove is designed to catch anything that comes your way.

As a first baseman, you’re going to need to scoop bad throws that hit the dirt, catch high throws, high velocity balls, and finness-type situational throws.

If you’re trying to take your game to the next level, you need a first base glove that will help make these plays. This Mizuno baseball glove brand for 2019 is the way to go.

12. Wilson A2K 2800 12″ Pro Stock First Base Mitt

best first base infielder baseball gloves

Our take: Wilson uses only high quality Reserve leather in their Pro Stock Series and their first basement’s mitt has excellent comfort and control.

Extra protection and double palm construction which help maintain the form of the glove once you break it in.

Handle any throw that comes your way with the Wilson A2K 2800. According to Wilson, this glove breaks in quicker and lasts longer.

13. Nokona X2 Elite Series 13 Inch X2-N70 Baseball First Base Mitt

Nokona first base infielder baseball mitt

What We Think: Amazing style points with this Nokona first base mitt!

One of the hottest baseball glove brands in 2019 – Nokona. They create some of the best position specific mitts in the game.

Stampede Steerhide and Kangaroo leather, this light weight (13 inch 730g) will elevate your first base skills to new heights.

Never miss a scoop, catch the high throws and be the go-to first baseman your team needs.

The Absolute Best Catchers Gloves On The Market

The catchers mitt! So important to have the right glove as a catcher. It can be argued that the catcher is the most important position on the field.

Not only do you need to catch heaters from the pitcher, you also need to stop the balls that are thrown in the dirt. Having the right equipment is a tremendous advantage, and your team and coaches will be thanking you for it.

Let’s dive in and break down the best catchers gloves for this upcoming season.

14. All-Star Pro Elite CM3000SBT

top catchers mitts for 2019

Our Review: The All-Star Pro Elite is the ultimate catchers’ mitt. In fact, this is the preferred mitt of many pro ballers.

This glove takes a bit of time to break in, but once you do you will be glad you chose it. With extreme durability and a sleek design, this is one of the best catchers mitt for high school and college baseball players.

If your old glove is getting in the way of you becoming a great catcher, then stop and think about investing in the best catchers glove today. No more passed balls, no more free bases and no more flimsy leather.

15. Nokona Bloodline Pro Series Baseball Catchers Mitt: P2

best catchers gloves 2019

Our Catchers Glove Review Breakdown: What makes the Nokona Bloodline Catchers mitt one of the best for 2019? For starters, it is made with the absolute best leather on the market.

In addition to that, the sharp look and smooth feel provides any catcher the ability to make stops and keep their team in the game.

Finding the best catchers gloves for 2019 isn’t easy, that’s for sure. However, this is a hidden gem. In fact, they are becoming more popular every day.

Don’t over look it. There are limited numbers of these catchers mitts. The only way it won’t work for you is if you don’t act now.

16. All-Star Pro-Elite Series 33.5″ Baseball Catcher’s Mitt

best catchers mitt for high school baseball players

Our Catchers Glove Review Breakdown: Yes, we already included an All Star catchers glove. However, this is one of the best catchers mitt for college baseball and high school baseball.

First of all, the leather is immaculate! With this catchers glove you’ll get an exclusive Japanese tanned steer hide. Having this type of leather allows for fast break-in and extended life!

Second, the POP in this mitt is unbelievable! We all know pitchers love to hear that sound.

To add further, the All Star Pro Elite Series is one of the best catchers glove in 2019 because of its soft leather which will provide comfort and confidence.

Do you have an old catchers glove and need a new one?

If you answered yes, don’t pass this opportunity by. There’s over 100 positive reviews on this mitt. Take action now before it’s too late.

17. Wilson A2000 CM33 33″ Catcher’s Baseball Mitt

best catchers gloves high school baseball

The Review: This will be our last “best of the best” catchers mitts reviews for your 2019 season. That is, unless, we create a top 21 catchers gloves only buying review guide. If that’s something you would want, just add that in the comments below!

The A2000 CM33 looks legit. How about the reviews? Unreal how many catchers love this glove.

Maybe you’re looking for an upgrade or a replacement. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this catcher’s glove for your high school or college baseball season.

Top Pitchers Gloves for 2019

Looking for the best pitchers gloves on the market? Mind Fuse Baseball is here to help you narrow down your options (there are a lot of them out there).

Let’s dive into the best gloves for pitchers for this season!

18. Wilson A2000 CK22GM

best pitchers glove on the market

Our Pitchers Glove Review Breakdown: Coming in first place, we introduce you to… The Wilson A2000 CK22GM!

First of all, this is the game model for MLB pitcher Clayton Kershaw. Designed for an elite pitcher, the closed web design hides the ball’s stitching.

Second, this pitchers glove is composed of Wilson’s high end Pro Stock Leather which is the highest quality cut of leather that Wilson offers.

PLEASE, don’t listen to people who say “you’re just a pitcher, you don’t need a nice glove.” That isn’t true. You DO need top tier glove.

The last thing you want is discomfort on the mound when you’re trying to find the strike zone.

Want to hide your grip on the ball? Then take action on we deemed the best baseball gloves for pitchers in 2019.

19. Wilson Showtime Series A800

top gloves for baseball pitchers 2019

Our Review: In second place, a very affordable and extremely comfortable Wilson Showtime Series A800. While this isn’t a 2019 model, it will go down in history as one of the best pitchers gloves.

Do you want to know why?

For starters, the Showtime A800 is perfect for players looking for comfort on the mound. This glove was designed with a pitcher in mind. The last thing you want is to be thinking about your hand hurting when gripping the four seam fast ball.

Made from high quality and durable leather, Wilson offers this mitt at an affordable price while still offering great quality to those who are just getting their feet wet with baseball.

Wilson is one of the top baseball glove brands in 2019. We obviously featured a lot of them in our buying guide. There’s a reason for it. Take action and be comfortable out there!

20. Rawlings Gamer Series Baseball Glove

top pitchers glove brand Rawlings

Our Take: This is one of the best pitchers glove on the market. It has a Basket web for you to hide the ball, if that’s your advantage!

Why do we love this glove?

To begin, the name of this glove is the Gamer Series! That has to be good karma!

This Rawlings Brand mitt features little to no break in time and is crafted from high quality extra padded protection in the palm. There’s a nice comfort to this glove and that will give you another advantage on the mound.

21. Mizuno MVP Prime SE 11.75-Inch Baseball Fielder’s Mitt

best pitchers gloves high school baseball 2019

Our Opinion: First of all, this glove is SUPER HOT right now! So many pitchers are buying this glove for the reasons we’ll explain in a bit.

What we love: the MVP Prime Series features Mizuno’s heel flex technology which provides a more comfortable and flexible heel.

This is a great glove for players of all ages who are looking to step their game up. This glove also adds a little extra swag to your game with five different color options to choose from.

Our Best Baseball Gloves Reviews Guide

If you are a serious ball player than you know that there is a big difference in gloves and not every glove suits every hand. There are many factors that will determine what the best glove for you is, including the position you play.

Not all baseball gloves are created equal. Every baseball glove is going to vary in terms of; brand, quality, position, price, etc.

We break down some of the key features and qualities to look for in a great baseball glove for your upcoming season:

Ball Glove Size

The size of the baseball glove that you choose will depend on the position that you play. For example, if you are an infielder, your priority is to be able to cleanly field the ball and make a rapid transfer of the ball from the glove to your throwing hand.

In this case, a smaller glove with a shallower pocket will be your best choice. A smaller glove makes getting the ball out and into your throwing hand quicker and easier.

Many outfielders choose a larger glove with a larger pocket which gives a bigger net for hauling in balls.

Webbing in Baseball Gloves

While different baseball glove brands have crafted many different names for their signature webbing, we can break it down into two basic categories; open or closed.

Open webbed gloves have an open pattern in the leather glove that allows the player to be able to see through it. As a result, you will be able to see the ball much better in the heat of the moment.

Above all, open webbing is ideal for catching fly balls because you can track the ball through the glove. This type of webbing is also helpful when it comes to scooping balls off the dirt because you don’t end up with a glove full of dirt.

Closed webbing does not offer any holes in the mitt. Many pitchers choose closed webbed gloves because it allows them to better hide their grips.


Similar to webbing, backing can be either open or closed. The backing of the glove is the part where the back of your hand rests.

There is no real difference in performance when it comes to the backing on gloves, it is more or less a personal preference.

An open back baseball glove will provide a little more flexibility in the wrist, while a closed back glove will provide more stability. Additionally, an open back will also provide more ventilation which can come in handy during the hot baseball season.

Types of Leather

Another component to consider when looking for the best baseball glove brands 2019 is the material in which it is crafted. The grade of the leather used to make a mitt plays a huge role in the overall quality and performance of the glove.

As a general rule of thumb, the stiffer the leather, the higher quality it is. You may be thinking that you don’t want a stiff glove, but keep in mind that the mitt should start out stiff and slowly mold to your hand. This is where the term “fits like a glove” is really relevant.

Choosing the Best Price

Lastly, you will want to consider the price of the glove. While you can get a pretty decent glove for an affordable price, keep in mind that you get what you pay for. A cheap, low quality glove will likely produce low quality results.

Also keep in mind that once you find the best baseball glove for you 2019 season, you should be able to use that glove for many years to come, making the investment in a high quality glove worth it.

Why it’s Important to Have The Best Glove For Your Position

While it may be easy to just grab any old glove off the shelf or online and assume it’ll work, if you are serious ball player, it is extremely important for your performance that you have the best baseball gloves 2019 in your equipment bag. We’ll tell you exactly why it’s important to have a great baseball glove. Mind Fuse Baseball

First off, your glove should be everything to you. Let’s be honest, having the right baseball glove can make all the difference in the world when fielding ground balls or catching fly balls.

Second, the day you find the right glove will be the best day of your life. I mean that because it happened to me before. Find the mitt that serves you and you’ll be making play after play.

What’s Next?

Well, we sincerely hope you enjoyed this very long list. It’s now time to take action. The knowledge and information has been organized for you to take your game to the next level.

If you’ve been seriously considering buying a new glove for yourself, or if you’re a parent looking to buy one for your kid – pull the trigger and take ACTION so you can start breaking it in NOW.

It’s also important to note that some of these mitts will be sold out and you’ll miss out on the opportunity to own one that you want. Remember, this list was made by researching all the popular items that REAL players like.

Our experts also want you to find the best baseball gloves and brands for your 2019 season. The only way you won’t succeed is by not taking action.

Top 9 Best Baseball Batting Gloves and Brands Reviewed 2019

Batting gloves are an exceptionally important piece of equipment and gear for baseball players. There are so many options to choose from, and it can be overwhelming.

First off, you don’t want to get a pair of gloves that will fall apart much quicker than others. The good news is that they are relatively inexpensive so you can pretty much reload on a new pair whenever you need to.

Second, not all gloves are created equal. Do you think you need a great pair to be an elite player? We’ve done lots of research. See the results we found.

Mind Fuse Baseball has created an amazing buying guide to help you choose the right pair.

best baseball batting gloves

Ask any good ball player and they will be quick to tell you that batting gloves play a key role in consistent hitting at the plate.

Some of the most prolific hitters use gloves to help have a better grip when stepping up to the plate. They also help with the stinging feeling, especially when it’s cold out.

In addition to why gloves are important, we would like to point out that the best time to buy them is in the off-season. The reason is because the price will be at its lowest and there will be more options to choose from.

For those who get blisters, we will show you which gloves to consider. Mind Fuse Baseball knows that is a major concern for many players, so we kept that in mind when creating our Top 9.

We recommend buying a few pairs of gloves so you have back-up pairs. In fact, we also highly recommend practice batting gloves. Best used for BP in the cage or at practice.

Finally, you should always make sure that the gloves will fit perfectly. This will avoid having blisters or the bat slipping out of your hands.

Best Batting Gloves for Baseball 2019

Here is the top 9, just like the batting order in baseball. We’ll start it off with what we think are the top gloves from 1-9. Let’s take a look at the amazing line-up.

1BRUCE+BOLTPremium Pro$$
2NikeMVP Edge$$
3SpiderzEnhanced Silicon Spider Web Grip$$
4FranklinMLB CFX Pro Digi$$
5Clutch SportsAmerican Flag$
6Under ArmourMen's Harper Pro Le 18 Gloves-Liners$
7FranklinMLB Cold Weather Pro$
8EvoShieldProtective Speed Stripe$
9Under ArmourClean-Up VI$

#1: BRUCE+BOLT LC Premium Pro 100% Cabretta Leather Long Cuff

best batting gloves to prevent blisters
best baseball batting gloves

Leading off is the BRUCE+BOLT brand.

These gloves may be the highest quality on the market. They are definitely one of the most durable in baseball.

Made with the most impressive Cabretta leather and stitched to perfection, the Bruce+Bolt LC Premium Pro will give you the feel you’re looking for.

Did we mention the packaging?

baseball batting gloves

First of all, it is seriously unbelievable! Extremely high class packaging. The first thing you’ll see is the package, and it just sets the tone for what’s inside.

Second, rather than feeling like you’re opening a pair of regular gloves, BRUCE+BOLT knocked this packaging out of the park! It’s like a high end gift!

Due to the high quality leather, the palms are very smooth and have a soft feel. We all know having that “soft” feel is hard to come by. This company nailed it.

The expression “fits like a glove” is literally what Bruce+Bolt set out to do. They studied the human hand inside and out to see how the glove could fit better than any other on the market.

Bruce+Bolt also tested these gloves with Division 1 baseball players. The results were breathtaking. Every player could not believe how comfortable, soft and durable they were.

After the players tested them, most said these are the best baseball batting gloves for 2019.

Why choose high quality leather?

Your hands sweat in the summer heat, thus making your gloves all sweaty. Usually with cheap batting gloves, you’ll pull them out for the next day and they’ll have cracks in them. You may even experience stitching falling apart.

It’s worth buying a high quality pair of batting gloves for sweaty palms. They will last longer and you won’t have to worry about them falling apart. If you go with low quality, you’ll have to keep buying new pairs.

Here’s the breakdown on the scoresheet:

The Grip: The best in baseball, that’s for sure. The top quality leather that these gloves are made with provide excellent grip.

The Fit: No more loose gloves with BRUCE+BOLT. These things also last forever it seems. The gloves are a snug fit and almost feels like they are part of your skin.

The Durability: These gloves have been reviewed by hundreds of players on Amazon and many other websites that sell them. Almost every player that has worn these have reported that they last the longest compared to any other glove.

The Color: This is the only downside on this brand. There are only a few color options. We didn’t want color to get in the way of ranking the top batting gloves. Mind Fuse Baseball recommends these as the first choice.

#2: Men’s Nike MVP Edge Baseball

top baseball gloves for sale
best nike baseball batting gloves

Batting in the two hole is the Nike MVP Edge Baseball batting glove. Does it get any better than Nike? Seriously, they have some of the best gear in all of sports.

First off, these are a premium pair of gloves. They look great and the performance are said to be even better.

Second, these are built for the advanced hitter. Thus making these one of the better options to choose from.

Mind Fuse Baseball breakdown:

The Grip: Described in many reviews as “tacky” and “sticky.” It is just what you want. The smooth leather provides great textured grip and control.

The Fit: Absolutely perfect. These bad boys are as snug as they come. Having a tight fit is a big time advantage. The hook and loop strap makes them super adjustable.

The Durability: The rolled seams and high quality of the Nike brand make these gloves as durable as it can get. They have the ability to last all season, depending on how many games you play.

The Color: Not a huge selection here. Mainly black or white. If you are an old school type of player the color thing shouldn’t bother you.

#3: Spiderz Batting Gloves with Enhanced Silicon Spider Web Grip

spiderz batting gloves review
spiderz batting gloves for sale

Third in the lineup are the Spiderz. This brand produces some of the highest quality products in the market today. They are the brand where performance meets style.

Specializing in batting gloves, the Spiderz LITE Silicon Spider Web Grip are built for ideal comfort. You will love to wear these. The all neoprene and Lycra top hand gives your hand some breathing room.

The Grip: Outstanding. The silicone spider web palm creates maximum grip for the serious hitter.

The Fit: These Spiderz have what’s called the Flex Cut Knuckles. This gives the baseball player a super snug fit, which will help improve performance. Never worry about loose gloves anymore because the Spiderz are constructed with a durable, triple reinforced wrist strap.

The Durability: Many ball players reviewed these gloves as “lasting a whole season” and “high quality.” They are also equipped with silicone, spandex, neoprene and lycra making this batting glove a reliable one.

The Color: Multiple colors all around. The best thing about Spiderz is their design skills. You can choose from over 30 different color designs. Chances are they have your colors.

#4: Franklin Sports MLB CFX Pro Digi Series

amazing batting gloves for sale
gloves for batting practice

Batting cleanup and built for power, The Franklin brand creates some of the highest quality. The CFX Pro Digi Series is one of the most popular items in the baseball market.

Long lasting and a cool style, these gloves will instantly improve your hitting because of the tight fit and smooth, but sticky palms.

Many professional baseball players are using this glove and it’s obvious that they are. The palm features quad-flex creasing. This helps the gloves not get bunched up after you sweat in them.

Let’s take a look at the score sheet:

The Grip: The strategically-etched groove patterns greatly improves the grip.

The Fit: This is one of the main features of this glove, besides the style. Tectonic fit inserts helps the flex without adding bulk to the back of the hand. No bunches of the palm here as the quad-flex creasing prevents that from happening.

The Durability: So many great reviews with these gloves. Many ball players are reporting that they are “the top batting gloves to prevent blisters that I’ve used” and “lasts a long time.” You will love your choice if you decide to buy any Franklin brand in 2019.

The Color: There are over four colors to choose from. Really cool style and trusted by many professional ball players in the MLB.

#5: Clutch Sports American Flag

best batting gloves for slow pitch softball
best batting gloves for blisters

The number 5 hitter is the Clutch Sports American Flag by Clutch Sports Apparel. These are known for being restriction free for ultimate comfort and mobility.

The pre-curved finger pattern construction provides a natural fit. It’s nice not to have to break them in right away. These provide that.

There are many ball players that buy these because they are some of the best batting gloves for blisters.

The Clutch Sports American Flag have performance mesh, which adds enhanced breath-ability. They also have the performance palm. This allows for a great grip.

Long lasting and a cool style, these gloves will instantly improve your hitting because of the tight fit and smooth, but sticky palms.

First of all, not many players know about this brand. However, they are gaining popularity by the day and can last over 1,000 swings. They also have some swag to them so you can look good swinging that bat.

Here’s the score sheet breakdown:

The Grip: Amazing grip. Performance palm built that helps you really “feel” the baseball bat. Any good ball player will tell you that feel is such an important part of hitting. This pair will give you the feel you’re looking for.

The Fit: The phrase “fits like a glove” comes to fruition the with Clutch Sports Apparel brand. The pre-curved finger pattern construction helps mold the glove to your hands. This makes for a super tight and snug fit. It almost feels as if it is part of your hand.

The Durability: The one thing you want with any equipment in baseball is dependability. Can you depend on the equipment when the game is on the line? With Clutch Sports, you can.

The Color: Choose from a nice set of colors and designs. There is also an all-white color for some serious swag.

#6: Under Armour Men’s Harper Pro Le 18 Gloves-Liners

batting gloves
top batting gloves for baseball players

Coming in at number 6 is Bryce Harper’s Under Armour batting gloves. This is an extremely unique pair filled with passion, design, and usability.

Perform at your very best with the featured 72% leather, 12% nylon, 10% elastane, and 6% polyester. That’s a smooth-felt glove right there.

Bryce Harper, one of the most powerful hitters in all of baseball uses these. One would think they must be good if he is wearing them.

The fact is that Under Armour is a trusted brand in pretty much any sport. They are just starting to make their mark on baseball and with good reason.

You will not be disappointed if you purchase these gloves, and we will let the scoresheet tell you why:

The Grip: With a 72% leather, you will feel like Thor with his hammer. Full control over your baseball bat.

The Fit: Extremely tight. You will feel like there is just enough room to make your hands comfortable. There is plenty of padding, but it doesn’t give way to a loose fit. It’s very tight.

The Durability: This is probably one of the down sides to these gloves. They won’t last as long as the ones mentioned above, but that’s why they are deeper in the lineup right? It is still a strong glove and they should last an entire season. It would be a good idea to invest in some practice gloves as well, like most players do.

The Color: This is a one of a kind design and color. The Under Armour Men’s Harper Pro Le 18 Glove Liners are unique. Not many of them out there, which is nice because you probably won’t see your teammates wearing them.

#7: Franklin Sports MLB Cold Weather Pro

best cold weather batting gloves
top batting gloves for cold weather

Lucky number 7! Mind Fuse Baseball wanted to make sure we had the best cold weather batting gloves for anyone playing in the Northeast.

It is not fun when you hit a ball in the cold off the end of the bat, or anywhere besides the sweet spot. You get that stinging feeling and it hurts.

The only way around this is to invest in a pair of cold weather gloves. Besides being great for playing in cold weather, these are also considered top baseball batting gloves to prevent blisters.

These gloves retain heat while providing a flexible fit. This series is highlighted with an insulated neoprene back and Velcro wrist strap.

On to the scoresheet:

The Grip: Equipped with the quad-flex creasing for a super comfortable grip. In cold weather, you won’t find a better tacky feeling. You will feel like you have complete control even in the toughest weather.

The Fit: With cold weather gloves, you would think you need to sacrifice feel for comfort. However, even the best cold weather batting gloves have a great fit. Franklin makes it happen with these.

The Durability: These gloves thrive in this category. Hopefully you aren’t wearing these all season, if you know what we mean! You will be able to have these gloves for a couple of seasons.

The Color: A few standard colors to pick from. Nothing fancy here as you are just looking to get the job done – prevent stinging feeling from hitting a baseball in cold weather.

#8: EvoShield Protective Speed Stripe

best batting gloves for baseball
top baseball batting gloves

Reaching the end of the lineup, number eight is an excellent choice. The EvoShield brand is making its mark in the baseball world market.

Designed to help you be at your very best day in and day out at the plate. Consistency is the name of the game for elite hitters. The Protective Speed Stripe make that dream a reality.

Notable players in the Majors are starting to use this brand. Many of the top prospects from college and high school are also trying them out.

The results? Pure gold. You will not be disappointed with this purchase. It can be considered a performance enhancement piece of gear!

What does the stat sheet show?

The Grip: Made with an extensive grip to give you ultimate control. The top ones always have a good grip, which makes the EvoShield one that you can count on. The feel you acquire with these gloves are unbelievable.

The Fit: The reviews report a sleek pull tab to secure the supportive wrist strap. These will be super tight, which will help avoid getting blisters.

The Durability: Built to last, these gloves are made with top grade leather. A 55% premium leather, 38% nylon, 5% neoprene and a 2% TPU. The extended grip helps the durability as well. You can count on these gloves in the most pressured moments at the plate.

The Color: There are a few colors and sizes to choose from. An all-black or an all-white version is available. In addition, these gloves have multiple color schemes ready to be ordered.

#9: Under Armour Men’s Clean-Up VI

top baseball batting gloves for sale
best baseball batting gloves for sale

Last, but not least, batting last in the ninth position are the Under Armour Clean-Up VI gloves.

First of all, these gloves are almost just as good as the ones mentioned above. So, do not take them lightly.

Second, you are looking at multiple 5 star reviews from real baseball players all over the world. They are a very trusted piece of gear and equipment.

Because of the goatskin leather palm, this pair delivers soft comfort and big league durability. What you always want to look for is dependability. You can count on these gloves helping you when the game is on the line.

Super popular among the up and coming top prospects in baseball, the Under Armour Clean-Up VI can give you an unstoppable advantage.

Under Armour has really nailed this pair of gloves for anyone looking to improve their performance at the plate.

The Grip: One of the best batting glove grips because of the embossed synthetic overlays. This gives the gloves super tacky grip without losing flexibility.

The Fit: Comfortable, roomy, but also snug at the same time. What other gloves can you find all of those characteristics? Palm side finger perforations deliver ultimate ventilation for sweaty hands.

The Durability: Built for tough conditions. Extreme heat, cold weather, you name it. The goatskin is reliable as it gets.  

The Color: There are tons of colors to choose from. However, there are limited sizes for the colors that are popular. We know, that’s a classic. Get ‘em while their hot!

What Goes into Our Reviews?

First off, Mind Fuse Baseball loves to review baseball equipment. It is fun and it can potentially help someone reach a final decision.

Second, we pride ourselves in knowing baseball better than anyone else out there. Our team of professional experts know exactly what to look for.

With that being said, we really value what the major leaguers, top prospects in college and the majority of high school baseball players wear. Our connections run deep in the world of baseball and we are always asking around what is working and what is not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Batting Gloves Really Help?

If you want to take your batting game to the next level, then yes they really help. They provide better control over the baseball bat, confidence and a protective layer on your hands.

Do They Help With Vibration?

The short answer is yes, they help with vibration. When you hit a ball on the end of the bat, or not in the sweet spot, then your hands might experience a “stinging” feeling. A good pair can prevent the stinging feeling.

How do you measure your hand?

You are supposed to measure from the end of your palm to your fingertips. Then, follow a guided chart to see what size your hand fits into.

Find the right size by using our measurement guide. You can find that here.

How Should They Fit Your Hands?

Everyone is different on how they want them to fit. However, the best set should fit super tight and snug.

You should have breath-ability in the gloves, but you want them to be very tight. This prevents blisters and helps give you full control over your swing.

What Hand do you wear a Batting Glove on?

Well, when you are batting you should wear them on both hands. However, in the field, players typically wear one underneath their glove.

Thanks for reading this post, we hope you find it easier searching for the best baseball batting gloves for 2019.

Did you know that we also reviewed the best baseball gloves for 2019. Mind Fuse Baseball has you covered through every equipment buying process.

Baseball Glove Wilson A2000 Review

Wilson A2000 Outfield Glove Review

This could be the best Wilson A2000 outfield glove review. Our review process takes the baseball player, or the person buying the glove (parents) through a specific way of looking at the best baseball gloves and what makes them so good.

Our goal is to help you decide the Wilson A2000 is for you. We love talking about ball gloves so sit back, relax and enjoy our super in-depth review.

Breaking Down The Wilson A2000 Outfield Glove

There’s so many variations on gloves. Knowing these variations can help you choose a very reliable glove, so it’s important that you know them now.

They include:

  • Webs
  • Styles
  • Sizes
  • Brands / Manufacturers
Wilson A2000 Baseball Outfielders Glove Review

The Holy Grail of Baseball Gloves

While it is important to know these variations, we all are looking for the same thing in a glove. In baseball, a glove is going to act like an extension of the arm and the hand.

It needs to be a perfect fit and it needs to become reliable.

You need to know that this glove will serve its purpose when the game is on the line. You don’t want any doubt that the glove is going to perform.

So, if you or the person you’re buying the glove for is a serious baseball player, then you can see why its extremely important to choose the right glove.

The Brand: Wilson

First of all, we’ll talk about the brand Wilson. Wilson is used by thousands of professional baseball players every year. It’s a trustworthy brand, stylish and they always have a great feel.

For years, Wilson has been the official glove of Major League Baseball. It’s also the preferred glove of choice across all MLB players.

The Size: 12.75″

The size and the deep pocket make this glove an outfielders dream. It’s also an amazing baseball glove for slow pitch softball players because of the deep pocket.

The Webbing: There are a few options here, which makes it nice depending on what you’re looking for.

If you go with the dual post webbing, it keeps the glove lighter in weight. It also provides the ability to potentially see the ball through the glove, if you ever run into that situation on game day.

wilson a2000 dual post webbing

You can also choose from the cross web, the H web and a few others.

More Product Details:

The Color: Good news again, you can choose from multiple colors and customize it to your liking.

The Weight: The Wilson A2000 outfield baseball glove is Extremely light weight. This is one of the advantages of this model and Wilson in general. It is because of the type of leather they use.

The Leather: black SuperSkin and Dark Brown Pro Stock Leather. SuperSkin is twice the strength, but half the weight as cowhide leather.

Did You Know?

Every year, Wilson honors the best defensive players in the Majors with the Wilson Defensive Player of the Year award.

Video Review on The Wilson A2000 Outfield Baseball Glove

This video is made from an old school coach, named Ballpark Mark. This guy knows his gloves inside and out. It really helps break down this mitt. Take a look and hopefully it helps you make a decision.

Hopefully you have some great information now because of our Wilson A2000 Outfield glove review.

Don’t miss out. This is one of the best, if not the best glove in all of baseball. There are also multiple positions to choose from and different sizes.

You not only need to feel confident out there, you deserve a reliable glove so you are able to feel confident. Choose the Wilson A2000 outfield glove.

best baseball gloves for outfielders 2019